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  1. I probably should've mentioned this but I play on the lowest settings. And the 1060 he was using in the video was a 6gb variant where mine is the 3gb. I don't know if that changes your answer but I thought I should clarify
  2. I'm currently running a GTX 1060 3gb trying to play warzone and I can't get more then 70 fps. I have a friend that has a 980 and is willing to sell it to me for $180. Is it worth it? I know it's not a huge upgrade but I could hopefully get another 10 to 15 fps out of it.
  3. This is 100% true. It pains me to run COD at only ~75FPS but its all I can get out of my old hardware.
  4. I don't think it should be a Apple focused channel because frankly there isn't much content in the beginning of the year, so what I think they'll end up doing is making it a general "other tech" channel with products like phones, smart home things, and other random tech.
  5. My friend that I used to play with has stopped playing, leaving me with no teammate or anyone to talk to. Imo, games are more fun with other people and would love to play and talk and just play casually but don't mind winning. Usually play in the afternoon/evening MDT. Blizzard: Fuzzleworth#11135
  6. Me and my friend haven't play together before but we both have the game and it says hes Not Joinable and offline. While in the blizzard launcher it says he's online and in the game. Is there a bug that I'm not aware of or is there a simple fix?
  7. I've been playing warzone for a while now and have decided that I like that game but not for $60 USD. Is there a legit reseller that has a sale going on somewhere? Not expecting much since it's a cod game but it's worth a shot.
  8. My friend is looking for a gaming laptop with an HDMI input so he can plug his Xbox into it. (I know, weird, but he has friends on Xbox and wants to start getting into pc gaming.) Hes hoping for one around $1000 USD but is willing to go a little bit above. Any and all suggestions will be looked into. Thanks in advance.
  9. The keyboard is far past warranty. As for how it got cut I don't know, he just said he needs help fixing it.
  10. My friend Cordair K55 RGB keyboard and got it's cable cut and I can't find any place to get a replacement cable. Just wanted to see what you guys thought before I choose option B. (Which includes just soldering all the wires back together)
  11. I would recommend watching Bitwits latest video as it breaks things down very well.
  12. So one of my homies needs a laptop for general college use, and as his go-to computer guy, I decided to help him out. He would like to keep it 500 USD or lower but he's fine with 20 to 30 USD more. I5 or Ryzen 5 would be preferred Dedicated GPU not needed SSD must be present (maybe a hard drive as well) 8GB of RAM at least Touchscreen and good aesthetics are nice but not "must haves" These are the contenders so far: https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-VivoBook-F412DA-14-Laptop/dp/B07W7PWTL5/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=asus+vivobook+f412da&qid=1571786173&s=electro
  13. @SpookyCitrus Skyrim looks really good! When you buy the game is it a steam key or a download? The price is also in euros if that means anything.
  14. So I just started my first semester of college and it turns out I have alot more free time then I thought I did, even with my homework done and socializing constantly. I've played Overwatch and Forza horizon 4 to death and need something new to try. I would prefer then to be pretty cheap or free (as I am a poor college kid). Thanks in advance!
  15. I'm going to be moving my dual monitors (both 25") and my mid-tower PC in a single day drive, I have some ideas but am looking to see if any of y'all got better ones! Thanks in advance!
  16. Wow I never thought of that! I have both a laptop and a desktop so that makes it very easy. Already got em? Vmoda Crossfade wireless(used wired) I'm not allowed to put stuff on the wall, but my monitors are currently on a desk mount stand that attaches to the back Luckily mine has it right next to the desk! Thanks everyone for to suggestions!
  17. So I'm heading off to college in about 7 weeks and plan on taking my desktop with me. What are some "lifehacks" or tips about having a desktop in a college dorm?
  18. I currently have a Oneplus 5t and have seen people with landscape lock screens and wondered how I could possibly do this. (I would prefer not to root it)
  19. @Ladicius Do you any links to them? The one I'm currently looking at is DIYPC Cuboid
  20. I got the aio for the same price as a air cooler so I said why not. It's in the drop down, and there wasn't really a need to specify it, was more to just say it needed to fit a graphics card
  21. Hey ya'll, So I'm leaving for college in about 7 weeks and I need to get a smaller case for my matx board, it needs to be able to fit: 240mm aio rad 1 hdd 1 ssd asus dual graphics card I really like the cube design but I'm open to suggestions. Thanks! Edit: Forgot to mention I don't want tempered glass as it will be traveling with me
  22. I have the Oneplus 5t and can't post anything to reddit to save my life. If any of you have suggestions or solutions to this problem that would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Me and my friends are having debate if a 9th gen cpu can go into a motherboard that is from the 6th gen. I said even though it's the same socket it's not the same chipset. He said it would work, who is right?
  24. I would upgrade the processor because that is a really old and to be honest not very good by todays standards. I would look into getting the ryzen 2600 with your choice of a motherboard and RAM. Then later when you have the funds, get something like the RX 580 or GTX 1660 Ti.