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  1. My OS is Windows 10 Home 64 bit (more specifically from system info Version 10.0.18363 Build 18363) My webcam is the logitech c920 Full specs 8700k cooled by kraken x72 16gb 3200 mhz vengeance rgb pro cl16 Maximus XI Hero EVGA 2080 ultra
  2. Hey guys. Around 2 days ago I started having a weird issue with my pc. Every time I start it up my webcam turns on and my image shows in the top left corner of my pc. A malwarebytes scan and avast scan both showed no viruses. I tried ending all of my tasks and couldn't find the issue. Oh and also once I unplug and re plug my webcam, the image freezes (but stays) and the webcam doesn't turn on again. This only happens when the webcam is plugged in on boot. What could be the issue?
  3. I would say maybe bios flash. I know its an x570 and should be fine out of the box but a bios flash can really make a difference sometimes.
  4. I actually thought it might be for a while. Once I get a display output I'll do a virus scan
  5. ONE MORE BIG THING I FORGOT TO MENTION: His cpu would constantly be at high percentages even though there weren't any processes taking up a lot of cpu. Same goes for RAM
  6. He has an 850w psu which is more than enough and his load temps were maxed at 80 C. He said its been happening since he built it
  7. Hey guys. My friend was having some pc issues and came to me because I build a lot of pcs. I had no idea what his issue was and was wondering if any of you might. His build is a 9600k with a 2060, z390 gaming edge, and a 970 evo as his boot drive. His issue was that every two hours or so (not exactly ever two hours, but around that amount) his taskbar would show up in fullscreen games and the search bar would just be a white box. After around 5 mins, his pc would just get stuck and he would restart to fix it. His problems started to get worse, such as making beeping noises sometimes before hav
  8. Hey guys. My ICue was acting up so I reinstalled it today. Ever since I did that, my Void Pros (Wireless) have had no sound and when I go to spotify the song starts rapidly switching. This doesn't happen with any other audio device. Any idea why this is happening? PS: I also use voicemod and when I switch my output to voicemod it doesn't glitch but I still can't hear. I fixed the issue by force reinstalling the latest drivers on the Void Pros.
  9. So I just use an led instead of one of those paper clips?
  10. Alright perfect I will try that then. Can I just plug in the sub internal hub using a single molex to test the power supply because the rm850x is silent?
  11. I will add pics when I get the chance. The specs are rm850x 2018 white, z390 gaming edge ac, 8700k, 2080 gaming x trio, h100i rgb se, with an additional ll120, commander pro, and internal nzxt usb hub. Both the 8 pin and 4 pin eps in addition to the 24 pin is plugged in. There isn’t a onboard power button but shorting the power pins with a screwdriver didn’t work. I would like to note that upon plugging the power supply in and switching it on, his Elgato streamdeck turned on for a few seconds then turned off. The powersupply is now not doing anything and is completely unresponsive.