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  1. Thanks guy info much appreciated @andrewmp6 slayerofhellwyrm
  2. Hi guys. I have a asus rgb motherboard with 2 headers. I got corsair 120 rgb fan for rear which wont work on the motherboard headers. do I need to install corsair software for it to work?
  3. thank you spark shot first time with rgb my mate said he could build it when I got it back no rgb where working I found a controller that came with the case but I not sure how to set up with reset button.thanks again for reply
  4. Can I put my coolmaster rgb fan to my rgb headers I have 3 120 rgb front fans and there 12v 37a or would it blow any other components in case any help would be great
  5. Hi just got my build back from a mate. and I noticed that there were cable left unconnected.he doesn't know were it go any help would be much appreciated.it look like it connect to the front fans but not on motherboard motherboard Asus maximus hero x.