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  1. I could go that route, it looks like OEM ones go for around $20. But if I could fix it without any extra money spent, I'd prefer to go that route, in case it happens again.
  2. A while back, I loaned a friend my Dell Inspiron 15 5555, and he managed to break the connector on the charger. Dell wanted 60 bucks for a new one, and I found that too steep and went on eBay to buy an aftermarket one. This didn't work entirely, as the laptop would give a warning on bootup saying that it didn't recognize the charger as an official Dell charger, and the battery wouldn't charge off it, giving the message "Plugged in, not charging." After some digging, I found that Dell adds a data pin on their chargers, and if the motherboard doesn't get any power from it, telling it that it'
  3. Thanks, this has been so helpful. One more thing, how might I set it to delay each click in the macro by a few milliseconds? The SetMouseDelay feature hasn't worked for me, maybe I need to use a different command?
  4. Thanks, this helps. I just have one issue. My macro doesn't appear to run correctly while the Shift or Ctrl keys are being pressed, and for my use case, I need it to work while those keys are being pressed. Any idea how to do this? My code reads: Xbutton2:: Click, 3
  5. I just got a new Logitech G203 mouse, and am trying to bind a macro to the forward side button. I need the macro to left-click three times. However, the macro recorder does not give me the option to bind mouse clicks as part of the macro. Is there anyway I can get it to record mouse clicks? if not, what is some third-party software I can use to do this
  6. I have looked it up prior to asking about it, but I don't think you can
  7. Also it may be of note I have started getting game crashes on that driver you gave me. I think I'll switch back to the other one.
  8. Alright, I ran DDU for both AMD and Nvidia drivers. Then I used the installer from the google drive and did the express install. This time, at the end the only option it gave was "Keep system up-to-date." Still no ReLive option. I wonder if this has anything to due with the on board graphics in my R5 2400G, but I disabled them in device manager and it shows an RX480 in Radeon Settings.
  9. What's DDU? I'm new to AMD drivers
  10. Sure, that'd be nice. I don't play any of the games the latest patch optimized for anyway.
  11. https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/radeon-400-series/radeon-rx-400-series/radeon-rx-480 I'm using the one from this link on the official site
  12. I'll try re-downloading the driver package
  13. It didn't show up. I did the express install, and after it was done it just gave three options: Keep system up to date (which I checked) Restart now (which i also selected) and Close. No option to install ReLive