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    Asus Z97
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    16 GB
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    EVGA GTX 960 FTW
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    Silentium PC Brutus
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    256 GB Samsung 950 Evo, 750 GB Samsung 950 Evo, 1 TB Samsung F3 HDD
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    Be Quiet! Pure Power 10 1750 W
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    Dell U2415, Eizo S2110W
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    Logitech MX 310
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    Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ
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  1. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time project log writer. As I'm switching platforms from oldie but goldie i4790k to something more modern (Ryzen), I was looking for a new case for it. And mod it obviously. The premise: I want to incorporate wood into the build. I always liked the aesthetics of wood when it comes to electronic equipment. I totally adore how the 60s and 70s hifi equipment looks like. Couple of years back I made a crude, but pleasantly looking (not only my opinion!) Raspberry Pi case shown below. http://jurzysta.com/pure500/rpi_2.jpg http://jurzysta.com/pure500/rp
  2. Ok the problem I see here is that these do not allow fan speed control, or am I missing something?
  3. Hi all, I'm browsing the market for lower-shelf RGB fans. I'm bitch for silent computing, so that's the bottom line. I don't really care for addressable RGB, as I prefer static lighting anyway. Currently on my radar I have Deepcool and Aerocool P7 RGB fans. Does anyone have any experience with either of those? Also, I'm running a Z97 Asus mobo with no RGB headers whatsoever, so a hub, preferrably software controlled is a must, hence I'm leaning towards Aerocool P7, as Deepcool doesn't have a decent one. Don't want to go for super-cheap stuff like EZDIY, Aigo or Asiahorse
  4. Believe it or not that was literally my first idea that came to my mind But couldn't find anything like this here in Poland. Thanks, will consider buying them
  5. Hi all, I'm planning building a case from scratch. I won't go into the details yet, but I kinda hit an obstacle in the planning phase. I'll be using 20x20x2mm aluminum L-shaped profiles for the skeleton. I'm trying to figure out a way, to connect 3 pieces in corners (like front, side and vertical) in a way that all 3 will be flush with each other. I won't be welding or gluing, I planned on using rivets and screws to put everything together. My first idea was to cut 45 degree angles on all sides and use some sort of additional connecting piece, but I couldn't find one that would
  6. What's about the noise? Been Arctic's brand fan for a long time, but I heard that the Bionix fan they used is quite noisy?
  7. Well, I see Corsair ML120 for 17€ (white) or 22,50€ (RGB) on Amazon. Also a 3-pack of Thermaltake Riings 12 for less than 60€. Would you consider them decent? I know it's not Noctua (different league) but still...
  8. Errr since when it has RGB fan? It has 4 colour versions, but it's definitely NOT RGB. https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/freezer-33-esports-edition.html
  9. Yup, Noctuas are on my non-illuminated fans shortlist :) Just checked the prices of the frames on Amazon.de - aw hell no. 15€ for just the 120 mm frame. I'll stick to illuminated fans I think :) Thanks for the suggestions though!
  10. Also, one more thing: The RGB/white light is a nice to have not a super-necessity. I'm building a case from scratch with a see-through side panel and just thought that it might be a good idea to hop on the illuminated fan bandwagon. I've been a fan of Acrtic Cooling fans due to their price/performance ratio. Never had a single issue with them (not counting the wear of bearing after 5 years of 24/7 work. But their may be feasible alternative. I'm leaning towards beQuiet Pure Wings but I was wondering whether there's feasible alternative in similar budget.
  11. Looking for recommendations too :) Intake fans for air cooled machine + replacement for CPU fan (not the whole cooler, just the fan) Need: - Silent (!) - 120 mm - PWM would be nice to have - RGB or White light - Available on German Amazon (unlike the aforementioned LianLi Bora) Do not need: - Adressable RGB (single colour is just fine).
  12. Absolutely agree. I'm only talking about CDp's work impact on Sapkowski's exposure in the lines of "Hey, if it wasn't for us, you wouldn't get this deal with Netflix.".
  13. But I guess it may have significant impact on how much he will be paid if he wins the case. Netflix wouldn't do the series if it wasn't for CDP's work. CDP and Platige Image (visual effects company that was cooperating with CDP on cinematics) people are involved in the creation of the series.
  14. Here's interesting part from the Witcher documentary. In Polish, but there are English subtitles:
  15. As @Lathlaer mentioned above, Article 44 is to protect the creators, written with beginners in mind, nonetheless it gives Sapkowski a leverage against CDP. I'm really curious how the story will unfold - I don't remember a precedence like this in Poland. The whole thing reminds me the story of G.I.Joe creator, Stanley Weston vs Hasbro.