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  1. One more question... Can I power this fan directly from gpu? Fan To one of these slots 4-pin slots on GPU? Slot 1 or Slot 2 I tried plugging it few times, but I can't figure out the pinout.
  2. I left it over the night, those two DeepCool fans attached and turned on. I plugged them with Molex connectors, didn't wanna wire anything until I see answers from here. Seems like the card overheated over the night, so those fans aren't able to cool the GPU down. What do you think about these? Link Will those fan be able to do the job? I see it's approximately the same size as the original ones If I order those fans, can I wire two of them them onto this and plug it directly to gpu? Image
  3. So, hello. Kinda new here, but here we go. I'm maintaining a mining farm for a company and I'm having issues with fans. More and more fans are starting do die on me so I have to replace them. Currently, I got these case fans: Image I'm replacing these GPU stock fans: Image Image 2 I was hoping I'll be able to patch them up, wire them and plug them directly onto GPU. But I've noticed case fans have 2 pins and the GPU stock fans have 4 Is it possible to do that and could someone explain me how to? Thanks!