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  1. I think these are keyboards and controllers that already have been configured for the user's experience. I mean the Samick isn't on the list anywhere so I went with the general controller type.
  2. I used FL Studio and set the MIDI channel to 16 and I set both TX/RX channel to 16. and nothing happened........ ? maybe it's the old hardware? I mean this thing is from 2009. MAYBE????
  3. It doesn't have a MIDI button on the keyboard, however the manual does seem to mention that it can control TX channel and RX channel which then can be used on softwares like Cakewalk? It doesn't mention anything about a MIDI button.
  4. I know it isn't really related to computers and hardware, but I have a keyboard that is labeled "General MIDI." I have spent ages trying to connect it to my computer to use as a MIDI controller, but it just won't work. I used a USB2.0 to MIDI adapter to go from two 5 PIN MIDI-in and MIDI-out to a single USB 2.0 Port. In the device manager it shows up as USB Audio Device, and in any DAW software, it would show up as a MIDI controller. Sounds great, but when I press any keys on that keyboard it just wouldn't work. I did research and found out basically nothing, because everyone else
  5. I have no clue why the bios isn't an option. Usually if I press f10 on the keyboard before the booting sequence, the bios will come up. Now the screen don't lit up and it turns off after few seconds. Pressing f10 didn't help.
  6. My HP Laptop is Pavilions X2 Detachable 1.3 GHz Processor 2GB Ram, 64GB SSD and Touchscreen Color White Recently I messed up the booting sequence while trying to install a Pheonix OS on it. I realize now that I try to install the os on the same partition as the installation destination. I formatted the partition and tried to install it, it froze (it froze a lot recently because of heating issues) so I turn off the computer and turn it back on. It didn't turn on. The indicating power light lit up, but screen didn't change at all. After few seconds it turned off by it self. I thought the ba
  7. ahh, also I am able to go into windows 10 start up setup but none of the options work. Cruel..... and also I am not sure if it is windows 10 or windows 8.1 because there isn't a menu of options before the startup setup the windows 10 have, I am confused
  8. I have a laptop that has malfunctioning windows files (it is really old) and don't boot into windows 10 with error code 0x0000001. All I have is Ethernet cable( and bunch of other cables too), a bunch of hard drives that works but not on the laptop, a public library computer (which doesn't have the administrator rights). I don't think I can solve this issue with the laptop. Also there is time limit to the public computer which is 4 hours 40 min. Every suggestion is a help. I might not even fix this one. I do have a iso file of Windows 7 ultimate that I do have the code for. The public computer
  9. I think it would be great to have an application on mobile devices to post, reply, and get notifications. Since browsing and refreshing every second to see notification isn't very convenient, an application would be an ideal solution.
  10. PUBG Mobile. Cuz, it's the best game on the market.
  11. Whenever I plan a budget computer, there is always a problem with price of rams. I noticed that high performance ram have higher ram speed. Is there really a big performance difference between ram speeds?
  12. I know it's been weeks since RTX launched, and I watched Linus's RTX performance video. However I couldn't understand the performance/advatages you are getting when using RTX graphics card except ray-tracing. If someone could get the performance scores, I will be grateful. I will even settle for fps rate in a specific game. I would really appreciate if one of you can explain for me. Thank you!