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  1. are you having trouble reading my post?
  2. that's not what i asked but okay
  3. msi gaming x trio (670$) gigabyte aurous (not extreme version) (669$) inno3d twin 2x (cheapest, about 144$ cheap compared to aurous and trio)
  4. pls, i don't want to buy the rx 5700. i already have rx 5700 and the black screen issue wouldn't go
  5. what are some best 2070 super cards out there? there are many companies I can't seem to choose from so some help will be appreciated. what i'm looking for is best cooling and oc variants.
  6. yea yea i heard it before less price same performance, the black screen issue still remains after 6 months of waiting that's why i have to switch to green team.
  7. INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 2070 SUPER TWIN X2 OC 8GB GDDR6 - 525$ GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 2070 SUPER™ WINDFORCE OC 3X 8G GDDR6 - 597$ INNO3D GEFORCE RTX 2070 SUPER ICHILL X3 ULTRA - 610$ NOTE: i won't be able to upgrade to new card any sooner so i'm going to need long term card for long gaming sessions. current card- pulse 5700 sold for 328$
  8. idk how that works since it's been already 6 months.
  9. i talked to a local seller and told him about amd drivers issue, he's okay with that
  10. i bought my sapphire pulse rx 5700 in December and the black screen issue remains. no matter what. so my question is should i buy rtx 2070s for about 495$ and sell my current rx for 265$ or wait for the 3070 series and save money till then? there's also a rtx 2060s for 447$ but i'm not sure if it's good for 1440p gaming
  11. sapphire pulse rx 5700 owner here, no matter what i tried the black screen issue remains for me, it's so annoying, how you are working oj something important and boom black screen which requires restart, and the rtx series is just slightly expensive where i come from. at first i thought let's wait few months it'll be fine but using this since December the BLACK SCREEN issues remains. if i sell the card i would get only 50% of the value. i never used Nvidia card before, been using amd cards for about 6 years now, never had issue like this before with amd, amd disappointed many fans
  12. already tried with every version of amd drivers
  13. i tested, it didn't happen. guess amd screwed me