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  1. Hi Everyone, Just checking if anyone knows the value of an ASUS ares 2? I have one in its original silver case with the serial number card. I also have a mars 2 but without the case. Just looking for a rough idea on price if anyone knows. IMG_3729.HEIC IMG_3730.HEIC
  2. Tried playing around with all variable and still artefacts. I think I'm going to take a heat gun to it.
  3. That's what I thought. Do you think using a heat gun or oven cooking could help?
  4. Have tried, The artefacts get worse when I drastically underclock the core voltage or raids the memory clock. Apart from that, there isn't any real change when I change all the variables.
  5. Yeah even on the desktop there is a small amount of flickering when I click start. The card is 3-4 years old. Out of Warranty :(
  6. Hi Guys, Can Anyone identify what the problem with my card is? https://drive.google.com/open?id=10akfgUoF5pXGWi8iUT_MztSCOvLTHKkr Troubleshooting tried: - Updating/Changing Bios - Removed all OC (There never was any) - Tested on multiple Desktops and displays It doesn't have any issues with no driver installed however once the Latest Nvidia driver is installed I get artefacts.