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    john_wayne reacted to Mark Kaine in Risks of a google sites subdomain hosted "unblocked games" site?   
    @john_wayne  I see, thanks for the clarification... I just wanted some more info as I also find it pretty strange, and probably wouldn't trust this site personally. Although it might be harmless, who knows - though it certainly seems rather sketchy to me...
    Maybe you could also post in the network section, I mean this sub forum isn't completely the wrong one, but it's not frequented as much, plus I think it's rather a website / internet issue than "pc games"... Just a thought but yes I'd be definitely wary too before knowing my more about how this website / domain operates.
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    john_wayne got a reaction from Mark Kaine in Risks of a google sites subdomain hosted "unblocked games" site?   
    @Mark Kaine
    -Allowing the site to be visited / made use of.
    -A bunch of generic games I have never heard of.
    -No games get downloaded, they play in-browser.
    -the games are named: slope, 1v1.lol, basketball.io, run 3, no AAA titles here..
    -That's part of the reason I asked about this here, there is no discussion I could find online about the legitimacy and safety of the multitude of these subfoldered sites. The intent seems to be to a "resource" for children to play ported flash-style games in-browser with not being blocked by the school's firewall - because of the domain used being a subdomain of google. My mind (because I had the additional context of what was on the screen) instead went directly to trojan-horse-esque weaponization of pages being used to infiltrate [and thereafter exfiltrate] school networks, which are in-turn connected to government networks. One such scenario could play out as a specifically crafted cookie hijacking a school computer's browser (internet explorer) because the budget gets spent on network level security, yet the computers themselves go un-updated - which is the case especially in smaller school districts.
    I am expecting someone in-the-know to either say "calm down boomer" or say "this is a risk that has been under the radar for too long". Reddit has mentions of these types of subfoldered unblocked pages of games for years, but only in the context of: "Here's a new URL to play games at". In moving to a zero-trust online culture, it strikes me as odd that there has been no conversation in either direction about these sites.
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    john_wayne got a reaction from Cyracus in should i buy this to work from home? (probably not)   
    found this ultimate peripheral on craigslist, should i buy it to work from home? that keyword cloud though.. https://jackson.craigslist.org/eld/d/clinton-live-controllable-ai-hybrid/7194703838.html
    would love to see what actually got delivered.
    admins, i could not find where to put interesting finds, so let me know if/where i need to move this to.
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    john_wayne reacted to xAcid9 in HD 7690m 'overdrive' removed from settings after 1909 update   
    Mine 5 but no Overdrive. 
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    john_wayne got a reaction from Ben17 in HD 7690m 'overdrive' removed from settings after 1909 update   
    correct, MSI AB extend overclocking is not working. thanks for your help.
    nothing remarkable from the registry compare of the HKCU\Software\ATI\ACE\Settings key and children.
    making an attempt at the whole registry now.
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    john_wayne got a reaction from Ben17 in need a vga to hdmi adapter that will output bios and boot screens   
    I need a vga to hdmi adapter that will actually output the bios and boot screens to an hdmi monitor.
    this will be used for server maintenance and pc bios/boot troubleshooting - when the only monitor available is hdmi.
    servers only have vga out, and typically run headless.
    PCs: some have only vga out, or the bios/boot is only sent to the vga port (and bios doesnt provide for bios and boot to be shown on hdmi/dvi/DP port.
    I have bought so many adapters that do not work for this specific use case.
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    john_wayne got a reaction from GoodBytes in Photos App doesn't properly display transparent images in Windows 10   
    I have enabled the preview version of Photos App and will update here once it has kicked in. FWIW, i had to fullscreen the current version of Photos for the 'settings' option to be available in the '...' menu. now that preview is enabled, 'settings' is available at any size via scroll of the '...' menu. I ran microsoft store update and windows update and nothing new was available, so apparently preview versions deliver across some other subsystem. So I'll wait as you said. Regardless of whether it works, thanks for this incredible info i didnt realize existed.
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    john_wayne reacted to jpenguin in have a usb 3 hub you can recommend in use more than 4 months?   
    tp-link uh720
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    john_wayne reacted to malon in have a usb 3 hub you can recommend in use more than 4 months?   
    i use a tp-link uh700 myself for over a year, only issue i had with it initially wasthat the usb cable is only 3 feet, easy to solve with a good usb 3 cable extender 
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    john_wayne reacted to spartaman64 in kid friendly games on steam?   
    dont starve together, slime rancher, subnautica, final fantasy 9, eurotruck simulator 2, hearts of iron 4, clannad, elsword, warframe, microsoft flight simulator x
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    john_wayne reacted to FezBoy in kid friendly games on steam?   
    1. How old are they?
    2. Do you want local multiplayer or things your kid can play "with you," like play a single player game at the same time?
    Some Local multiplayer suggestions:
    Lego batman / Star Wars / all lego games are classics
    Stardew valley
    (these can all have voice chat, but excluding fortnite the multiplayer with VC is all just w/ steam friends, no pub servers w/ VC)
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    john_wayne reacted to Andreas Lilja in kid friendly games on steam?   
    Stardew Valley?
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    john_wayne reacted to vanished in kid friendly games on steam?   
    -moved to PC gaming subforum-
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    john_wayne reacted to Fasauceome in Mighty Mouse sleeper pc (for my 8yo)   
    For an 8 year old, it has what it needs, and most importantly, it's got a boot SSD.
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    john_wayne got a reaction from Fasauceome in Mighty Mouse sleeper pc (for my 8yo)   
    It's not a knock your socks off rig, but a max out of what we started with, an education project, and my kid hasn't taken an interest in gaming on steam yet.
    Hp 505B MT (Narra6 mobo)
    Athlon II x4 645 3.1Ghz
    8gb (2x4) DDR3 1333Mhz (HP bios shows 0, but windows and memtest86+ find it all)
    Asus GTX 750Ti 2gb GDDR5 [Aliexpress.. VGA, Hdmi, DVI] (had to cut down shroud) [mV +31, limit 100%, Core Clock +201, Memory Clock +200]
    Kingston V300 120gb ssd [boot]
    Toshiba 2.5" 1TB 5400rpm 128MB 7mm sata III [storage]
    WD 3.5" 1TB 5400rpm 64MB sata III [local net share]
    TP-link Gigabit PCIe Network card
    StarTech 5.1 PCI Surround Sound
    Mailiya PCIe USB 3.0 2+2 card (upgraded front usb to 3.0)
    HP 15-in-1 multi-card reader (custom front mount)
    Evga 450 BT power supply
    ZEXMTE USB Bluetooth 4.0 CSR
    MPOW 059 Bluetooth headset
    Logitech HD C270
    HP DH16AAL lightscribe dvd-rw
    Windows 10 Pro
    CoolerMaster Fans
    Toshiba 46" Regza TV
    Looks bone-stock from the front/top/sides (other than the usb3.0 blue ports, and the little area of black paint i did to cover where i accidentally scarred the gloss front while cutting-in the card reader.
    The fans rarely ramp up to audible levels, the machine's day job is ingest station, local network share, ftp server for printer's scanners, and netflix. Proof you don't have to break the bank for HTPC, data handling, and casual gaming (non-ultra settings).
    Plays MarioKart Wii via Dolphin (I own the Wii and the disc) with WiiMote, and Minecraft each very well.
    Let me know what you think. Suggestions for a next tweak?
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    john_wayne reacted to leadeater in VirtualBox is the best VM solution, change my mind   
    I use Hyper-V if I'm using a Windows host OS, it's not something I use a lot though as I use dedicated virtualization hosts so use ESXi for that.
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    john_wayne reacted to Electronics Wizardy in VirtualBox is the best VM solution, change my mind   
    hyper-v has a lot more advanced features. Think the pcie passthrough, clustering, sr-iov and other featuers are hyper-v only.
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    john_wayne reacted to Theguywhobea in VirtualBox is the best VM solution, change my mind   
    VMWorkstation IMO is the best, although it's a paid solution. It certainly has feature parity with VirtualBox, but it also has much better performance. You can get VMware Player for free, but as far as I know it doesn't have snapshot support.