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  1. @Herman Mcpootis ran novabench's gpu test and the intel gpu scored 107 (4fps) and the radeon gpu scored 99 (3fps). ran uniengine's heaven benchmark the intel gpu constantly reached 4-5fps and the gpu temp was 53. the radeon gpu never got above 2fps and the temp was 49 (the radeon idles at 47). i've never heard of a gpu throttling at that low of temps - so i am at a loss. the system is stable, so i'm not sure what to do next. the passmark rating of the radeon over the intel says the radeon should be doing much better than it is.
  2. @Spotty thanks for clearing that up, i understand the use case better now. I was not even thinking about the content that goes over to youtube.
  3. feature request for floatplane, ability to put publicly viewable single video embeddable player into an external site. the end of the single video would end with a continue watching on floatplane, which leads to a simple explanation of why to subscribe, to bring in viewers that otherwise wouldnt know about about floatplane. trading off bandwidth consumption for subscriber recruitment.
  4. what free older benchmarks can you suggest for older/small cards
  5. running the simple 2D & 3D gpu benchmark from passmark on my HP envy15 3040-nr laptop with switchable graphics, the intel graphics is outperforming the amd graphics - WHY?? everything is up to date, I have the card selection in bios set to FIXED, so that card selection is done manually by the switchable graphics menu in the OS. What prompted this testing is: before today, i had the card selection via bios set to DYNAMIC, so the "high performance" amd graphics would be used on-demand by softwares. I noticed that chrome kept the amd graphics engaged, causing the fans to run at a higher RPM a