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  1. Got it, well 599 are very "boomy", they dont sound muddy but bass is dominant, 560S will be a much better option, they sound very, very good, easily the "cleanest" sounding headphones out of a bunch i've tried recently, theres plenty of bass too, but definitely not muddy. Spike in treble shouldnt be harsh, its not piercing like 990 pro, but its there, they are not as neutral as some reviews say, compared to some other headphones its a clear V.
  2. I literally had them in last month, sent all back, 599 are WAY more boomy than 559. 560S are somewhere in between (with a very narrow soundstage), if 559 are too bassy for you than neither will be better.
  3. If it has to be wireless gaming headset, GSP 670 is probably the best you can get. Razer and Steelseries are nowhere near that.
  4. Sennheiser HD559, AKG K240 MKII, Takstar Pro 82, Philips SHP9500 - all below 100$ and with detachable cable, if you want more bass than i'd say Takstar or Phillips would be best options, depending if you prefer open or closed back.
  5. Thats what A LOT of people say and i'm willing to believe them, that you need very expensive setup to properly drive 250 ohm beyerdynamics. 770 80 ohm with mobo or G6 sounded much better (at least not as piercing and cleaner with less sybilants) than 990s 250 ohm, i had them compared side by side.
  6. In that case i'd suggest going for something else, open-back right now, you can get 58x for 129$ on sale and thats easily the best deal on the market. I had E10k for a moment with 990 250 ohm, on low gain they sound exactly like plugged to mobo, on high gain it just made them muddy and boomy. Buying this with 770 250 would be a waste of money.
  7. I know how it looks. I've heard all about it many, many times. This is what i've read on multiple forums and heard in many videos while looking for a way to make them sound better. You need to plug them to something good, No Creative card is gonna do that. Anyway, no point in talking about that longer, OP have to decide for himself, to me it doesn't make sense, buying 150$ 250 ohm 770s and then 300$ amp just to make them usable. I would buy 80 ohm version, or something different.
  8. Nope, if that was the case then they wouldnt sound as harsh with on board audio. I had them for over a year and i've tried them with 2 different motherboards, they were just as piercing and "sssss-ing" as they were plugged to G6, in fact the only real difference it made is that they got louder and had more bass. I dont know much about it so i will trust what everyone who knows their stuff says - with 250 Beterdynamics its not enough to power them, you need high quality amp and dac too, most people say you should use one with lamps. And they start from 2x the price of headphones.
  9. I had 770 80 ohm, than i switched to 990 250 cause i prefer open headphones, and my G6 couldnt control them, there was a lot of sybilants and painful spikes in treble. 770s sounded much cleaner and less tiring in long use, just a little boring compared to 990s. From what i read, you need very expensive dac+amp to handle 250 ohm Beyers, couple times more than headphones themselves, so i'd rather buy 80 ohm and plug them to anything really, and if i wanted to spend 3x more on the whole setup, id just go for better headphones. But thats just my opinion, i also had pretty much every gaming he
  10. 770 are a good option, 80 ohm version is by far the best choice for a non-professional use, 250 not only has that horrible spiral cable, its very hard to drive so it will cost you a lot more right now to buy a good dac. And you would get very little in return, you probably wouldnt even hear the difference. They're a little boring imo, but compared to Stingers it will be a big upgrade.
  11. I had the same issue with 990s and its just how they (770/990) are, watch any review, everyone says the same, regardless of what they plug them into. Instead of spending double their value on dac that won't help much, if at all, imo it would be much better and cheaper to just buy different headphones. ALC1200 will be enough for a lot of really good options, and if its not, than you can always add something. Most popular recommendations here in similar price range are Beyerdynamic TYGR 300R, they are suppose to have less harsh treble, and Sennheiser 58X, more neutral overall. I have
  12. I got 612 and you were right - sound profile in games is exactly what i wanted, everything is clear and shots are not harsh at all. But i returned them, positioning wasnt great, wasnt bad but nowhere near 990s, pretty much the same as in GSP300. Plus the build quality is horrible for the price, years ago i had 20$ Superlux heapdphones and they felt exactly like that, pads here are more comfortable but not great either. But they do sound very good, thanks for that recomendation too. I just bought 58X, they are on big sale, so even with currency change, shipment and tax, they will co
  13. Its 100$ cheaper to import 6XX than buying 650 for full price, they cost 40% less. Of course theres the issue of time it takes, plus return/warranty would be a big problem. But its a big saving if theres no sale on 650, and i dont think there are. I see some used on the market, for half the price, but thats always risky... For now i hope 612 will be it.
  14. Ok, i'll try 612 when i get refund for 560s, i only had 1 akg headphones, k240 mk II, they were fine but nothing more. I assume 612 are much better, from reviews it looks like they might be a good option. I dont think i will try 712, they cost more than it would be to import 6XX from US, and 6XX seem like they could be perfect, so if everything else localy fails, i guess i might go with that. Or hope for a huge sale on hd 650, they are similar to 6xx right?
  15. I don't see Q701 or 702 anywhere, k712 are very expensive, for now i'll try k612. How about k701 and k702, i see on amazon that they are about 30 euros more, should i keep them in mind in case i didnt like 612 for some reason?