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  1. I checked the standard radeon overlay but thats this one:
  2. Hey, So generally while I am studying I do not need to see my CPU, GPU and RAM usage and FPS. For some reason this popped up in Onenote... Does anyone have an idea which application is doing this? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey So I set up Ubuntu server on a new server and am currently struggling to understand LVM. I was able run the following: sudo lvextend -l 100%FREE /dev/ubuntudevbox2/root And it resulted in this: 446GiB in size, but 181 of 196 Gib used... Its limited for 196 GiB for some reason. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey! I have been running a 3x 2TB with 250gb cached Unraid server for some time now, and have been taking advantage of father's fiber connection (500mbit up/down). (Unfortunately ;) ) he is moving to a different place which has 22 mbit down and 2 mbit upload... And I dont see myself streaming 4K over to my place while three people are working from that house. I am therefor looking to provide a solution for myself to keep the redundant server with him, and have an essentials server for myself, but I can decide which OS to use and how I should set it up. I started off by
  5. Does that mean that you have a successfully downgraded the BIOS? If EZ flash does not work try to enter the BIOS manually and update it through there by using a previous BIOS. I have had this exact same issue on a gigabyte board.
  6. Make sure your drivers are up to date and check all the display settings. Have had some issues like this with resolution and freezing settings.
  7. Check all your power cables (and consider reseating them). Are all of them fully inserted? Maybe one of them got unseated while you were working in the case.
  8. The most you could do is assume something else in your system stopped working properly and start troubleshooting that way. Swap out RAM and CPU if you can and maybe try and hook up a different PSU. Check for any LEDs on the motherboard indicating any issues.
  9. Buying something new thats so weak is a waste of your money. I'd recommend to look for used stuff thats cheaper and probably more powerful. Im not sure how the prices are in your country but for that kind of money I could easily get a rx 580, or save a lot of money by scoring something like a 1050 ti.
  10. Probably what you want in this case. Maybe something from the Thermaltake Core P series
  11. I dont mind just having my system information incorrect though Aside from that everything works perfectly. This is a much better experience than with my Macbook Pro 2019. Ironically this system with a 3700X is more reliable than my Macbook Pro so I'd rather not buy "a real mac".
  12. I just finished my brand new build, and like any other person I installed my OS but I noticed something strange going on with my i5. Does anyone have an idea what is going on here?
  13. I enabled everything for virtualization in the bios, yes. Luckily I found out the issue. Hyper-V was enabled, which appearently makes sure that any other VM software just crashes your PC. Disabling did the trick for me!
  14. Hello, I finished my PC build a month ago, and for my study i need tot have a virtual machine running withing Windows. Now, the problem is that when I run a VM with OR without an OS, the whole PC crashes (using VMware workstation). I've read some stuff about ryzen struggling with VMs, but I have never had any issues with doing it on other systems. Does anyone have a clue how I could get a VM running on my system? I'm looking to run Ubuntu, Pop! OS and maybe even MacOS (but definitely not a priority) Specs: Gigabyte b450 I pro wifi Ryzen