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  1. This really doesn't sound like a software thing, to me it sounds like the thermal paste is awful or your card is getting literally no airflow in your case. Ignore me i totally forgot that the 0db mode exists
  2. Seriously, listen to Radium_Angel. The Windows "wipe" option is really not that good, get a spare flash drive and put DBAN on it and let it run overnight (it's going to take a while, that's what happends when you really wanna make sure nothing stays on your drive).
  3. If you really wanna go blu ray, get a good quality one from a reputable brand (Sony, Panasonic, TDK,...). But honestly I would just get a cheap reliable hard drive (Something along the lines of a WD Caviar Blue) they are going to last much longer than any form of flash memory or any form of disc. Also flash memory, without being powered on has a retention rate of 1-10 years.
  4. A windows 7 or windows 10 disc? If it's windows 10 then here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 (or look at a retailer like microcenter or newegg if you want a physical dvd or flash drive, note: those are out of date as hell, the iso you get from the thing above is fully updated). And if you need a Windows 7 one then: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7 (note OEM keys don't work for some reason and there isn't really a official way to get a iso without it, also as far as I know some retailers still hold the physical disc). Also it doesn't matter
  5. Here's the sample rate, Also, I was playing on modded but after some extensive testing I can confirm it also happens on vanilla.
  6. The title basically says it, whenever I have Minecraft started up (1.8 or 1.16) it gives me system wide audio bugs (cutting out, crackling). The second I close the game they stop, they also don't occur with any other game. Does anyone know how I can fix this because it's getting really annoying.
  7. I wouldn't be too skeptical about it, considering everything, even if it was a scam AliExpress has a pretty good customer protection.
  8. Im pretty sure that the first one is actually real, in the US that SSD does go for around 50usd (Source:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07864WMK8?tag=pcpapi-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1) so this might just be a Chinese reseller. Now the second one is a bit more questionable, it isn't a too good to be true deal (it's only 10usd under market value) but it's Aliexpress so you never know.
  9. If you were talking about what I think you were talking about, then i can say that some strands of [NAME REDACTED] can include some pretty well hidden malware. If you know where to look, you can find strands that are actually clean, but if you are paranoid about malware like me, i would rather live with a eBay key
  10. Yeah, i'm pretty sure Microsoft is still letting Windows 7 keys activate Windows 10. Most of the keys you get on eBay are OEM keys ripped off of old prebuilts.
  11. The Home Premium key should technically work for a Windows 10 Home install. You never know until you try.
  12. Really depends on what you wanna do with it, this might help you a bit https://github.com/awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted. There is some seriously sick stuff in there
  13. Yeah, if you are willing to dump the 100usd, be my guest. I'm just saying your windows key could be sitting in your closet on the back of an old laptop.
  14. Im running a Windows 7 Ultimate key from an old laptop. Gray market sites (probably shouldn't list any in specific) can live for the life of your machine, but they are also pretty questionable, Microsoft could blacklist the key at any time.
  15. Buy what you can afford and what you like (seriously a good keyboard and mouse make a difference), for a monitor i wouldn't go below 1080p, especially with your config.
  16. The one on the website you linked is better.
  17. Sure it would work, but the only things i would change would be the motherboard. Get a b550 motherboard, they are usually 10-20usd more expensive and it gives you better upgradability and you dont have to update the bios to get the 3rd gen cpus to work. Also only get the 3600x if it's the same price as the standard 3600, the performance improvement (of around 5%) really isnt worth it, even if it's just 10usd more.
  18. Actually, if that spec list is right, that is not a bad deal, it's basically the same build i gave you with a couple worse (but still good) parts, for 100usd less.
  19. At Epic (maximum) settings at 1080p you will see around 100-120fps, with rare dips to the mid to high 90s.
  20. If i were you i would go with any full tower prebuilt with a 3 or 4th gen i5 (think around 4590, 4690, 3470 etc etc) and any 1060. If you wanted to go new, i would get this build (Note: you will probably have to swap out the ram and the case because i never seem to see them for sale outside of the US) PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor $209.99 @ Amazon Motherboard MSI A520M-A PRO Micro ATX
  21. For a power supply a good 500-600w unit will be enough (always look for something from reputable brands, like corsair, coolermaster, evga, thermaltake), and the case is basically always what looks good to you and what you can afford. For a gpu i would wait for rdna2 and the 3000 series to see the prices, but if you wanted to go out and buy a card this instant i would get a 5700xt, its good bang for the buck.
  22. What games specifically are you wanting to run? By the few games you listed you could probably go with a 3/4th gen i5 prebuilt and a 1060. that could probably get you under 300usd (I don't know the Indian used market well) but definitely not over 500, leaves you a nice sum left to upgrade (or buy) some nice peripherals, or as spare change.
  23. Sure, why not, https://www.amazon.com/Moread-Gold-Plated-Projector-Chromebook-Raspberry/dp/B00SW9JI9A/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=hdmi+to+vga&qid=1600274526&sr=8-4 here is the first one that comes up on amazon
  24. Unless you have another pc that is confirmed working, or another power supply that is confirmed working you really have no other way.
  25. Basically your only way is to replace it, now i should probably stress that this is my opinion and i may very well be wrong. If i were you i would ask around to see if any of your friends have a spare power supply to test with.