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  1. Hey guyz. Sorry for my bad english.. i have a perfectly working rx 570 4gb which i use for gaming and streaming.. but since amd encoder is so bad i use software encoder which hit my peformance alot.. i have a somewhat working 1060 6 gb too.. i have to underclock my 1060 to 1600mhz in order it to work stably.. but it hits my performance too.. soo is it possible to use my rx 570 for gaming and 1060 for encoder in obs?
  2. temps was in higher 80s in furmark and in fortnite they are in lower 80s .. i think its because of the hp oem cooeler with single fan
  3. the thing is i still find minimum fps quite better.. i does not feel those hick ups in fortnite
  4. so what do you thinks.. i just cant benchmark both cards.. at 1633 mhz is it better then rx 570?
  5. just checked in fortnite i am stable at 1633 mhz.. furmark was pushing my gpu temps soo hard thats why it was at 1500mhz..
  6. Hello Everyone. Sorry for my bad english. i was using an rx 570 for about a year now.. but yesterday i got a 1060 6gb from my friend .. it is working fine in 2d mode but after launching any game or benchmark it starts artifacting like crazy.. i underclocked it with afterburner and it is stable at 1500 mhz of core clock .. i just wanted to know if it is better then an rx 570 even after underclocking it to 1500mhz? or is there any way to fix the artifacts.. btw it is an hp oem 1060 6 gb single fan.. i am down to flash bios or do crazy stuff with it if it could run stable at stoc
  7. dude... why are u so angry :P.. i said that most screen mirrioring or streaming softwares supports 1080 at 60 fps.. and i wannna utilize 100hz so it will not be useful
  8. i know that,, otherwise i would have tried that .. but is there any solution out there,, like with ethernet cable or something since ethernet can use as a display out
  9. Hey Guyz Sorry for my bad english. i am trying to connect my laptop display with my pc because luckily my laptop display is overclocked to 100 hz and it the display speaks for it self.. it is an oled panel with reasonable response time.. i wanna switch from my desktop 60 hz monitor to laptop 100hz monitor.. i found some solutions online but all of them was a screen mirroring softwares which does not utilize my laptop 100hz because they stream at 1080p 60hz.. and also they have unreasonable amount of input lag.. my laptop is very old.. and no one uses it anymore.. i also tried