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    Hocigache got a reaction from Tan3l6 in dual boot no efi system partition was found   
    I had to install Ubuntu on legacy mode and then use EeasyBCD to add Ubuntu into the OS selection menu, Thank you everyone
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    Hocigache reacted to xAcid9 in MSI VENTUS XS OC 1660 TI or RX 5600 XT   
    Only few more days left so just wait especially since it will compete with 1660 Ti and 2060. 
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    Hocigache got a reaction from TVwazhere in what is the best mid/low budget case to choose   
    Thank you bro, you were of a great help
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    Hocigache reacted to Reznik in RAM Compatibility for ASROCK Fatal1ty B450 Gaming K4   
    If I'm reading that chart correctly, if all 4 DIMMs are populated it'll run single channel and at 2133.   Not sure if that's correct or not.  I've heard it's typical for RAM speeds to go down on Ryzen when you go from 2 to 4 DIMMs.  Maybe that's just offically what it'll run as/support.  I haven't tried to run 4 DIMMs yet on any of my ryzen setups.