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  1. Thank you but I have a thick skin and he wasn't wrong. I knew my mistake though and owned it in the post. Just went for good parts without considering what was compatible. That was on me.
  2. It's a long video but funny how it's almost exactly the same as the gaming plus!
  3. I was looking at that and trying to figure out why it was so much cheaper than the other z490s. Well you seem to know so I'll take your work for it. The z490 series does look like it will handle everything I've got. Thank you again.
  4. Ah so you're Australian too. I was using PC Case Gear. They don't have any z490 MoBos under $250.
  5. I'm not tied to anything no, but since the virus has put me out of work, I have a 2-year-old and another on the way I can't really afford to get anything new hence why it took me a year to get this stuff. Anyway, I have a warranty on the CPU so it can be replaced when I get the new MoBo. Tomahawk z490. Looks like it will do the trick.
  6. Yeah I can't stand the standard CPU fans with those clips on the feet. Wanted to change it out anyway. So z490 is the recommendation? I'll have a look at what's available. Thank you!
  7. I just lined up the triangle arrow, it went in the socket and I clamped it. Just like any other 1151 CPU. No force behind it, no cracks or splits, nothing to indicate it wouldn't fit.
  8. Okay, guys! I get it! I'm an idiot! My question was not where I went wrong, I already figured that out. It was what MoBo I should use to not cause any problems in the rebuild.
  9. I originally didn't even consider compatibility. I just tried to throw some upgrades at it. The CPU slid in, the RAM fit and I just tried to boot. I'm hoping the CPU is okay but I was planning on upgrading the MoBo at some point anyway.
  10. Possibly. I was trying to take the photos while my daughter was trying to push past me.
  11. Not a troll thread, I'm just <removed by staff>
  12. Well I just replied about that and as stated, it slid right in. I didn't force anything. But to attempt a BIOS update I put the original CPU back in anyway.
  13. It slid right I know it's for a 1200 socket and the current is 1151 but it worked. Here's a pic. The CPU in there is the original i3 6400 and the one in my hand is the 10700K. I put the original back to attempt a BIOS update but it again wouldn't post.
  14. So I bought an older PC from a friend about a year with the intent of upgrading it over time. Here's the old to updates specs with more to come: CPU: i3 6400 - - - - i7 10700k GPU: 1050ti Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H RAM: 8Gb 2133MHz - - - 16Gb 3600Mhz Storage: 1TB HDD, 1TB SSD - - same + 1TB m.2 SSD PSU: CX750M I looked at what would fit, not what was compatible. After nothing but restarts after booting with no GPU, no RAM, single RAM, original CPU, etc. Also yes, the CPU fan was in the right socket. Everything was right.
  15. The monitors on Part Picker only state if they're Free-Synce compatible or not. Nothing I've seen so far on Gsync. I'll look more into it. I don't plan on getting all this today. Parts are expensive at the moment so I'm going to wait for some parts to drop and pick up bits as I need them/can afford them. Ah, okay. I wouldn't think there would be a lot of tearing on a 144hz.