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    Broth3rz got a reaction from AbydosOne in WD HDD 1TB Clicking Noise (Video)   
    Opening it up doesn't harm it if your carful, there are tons of people doing this very thing and plugging it right back in after fixing the needle. Either way its dead if I can't fix the issue at the worst. I don't care what's on it.
    But I need to know the problem so I can try and fix it since either way its trash. Rather be able to give it away if I can fix it.
  2. Like
    Broth3rz got a reaction from Lurick in Please Help w/ Connections!   
    I don't need it since I'm getting to boot. Nice to have though. I thank you both so much! Now I can finish this.
    I have to say its very bad they don't have a Tempered Glass manual version and neither came with a speaker.