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  1. Alright, so, I ended up returning half my RAM because 1 stick would always stay orange and not match the other 3 RGB wise, and on another stick the heatsink was pulling off. So I'm at 64GB right now, I ran the memtest86, took 8 hours and 31 minutes. It couldn't have had better results because EVERYTHING was 0. No errors or anything. Now after removing half the RAM the issue did happen 2 times quite close to each other, lock up, black screen, comes back, no sound, have to restart for sound to come back. So my RAM is rated to run at 3600Mhz... but I just dropped it down t
  2. I reinstalled the NVIDIA Studio Drivers. We will see if that changing anything. I ran 1 pass of memtest86 and it had no errors, but I wasn't about to sit there another 3-4 hours to do the other passes. Now when I do memtest86, should I run with only 1 RAM stick in, or all 4? I will run it again and let it do ALL 4 passes later today, but as far as I can see it had no errors on 1 pass, so it's most likely okay? I will see if the driver does anything in the meantime. But if it's not the drivers or RAM, what else could it be? The motherboard? Because I do lock up before t
  3. I don't game at all apart from Path of Exile and I haven't even played since I got the PC, I don't play it much. So no gaming honestly. So do you think I should still try the reinstall of the driver?
  4. Everything is new so the install is new. First time on W10 really. I guess I could get rid of the driver and reinstall, I think I used the Studio Driver since I'm not really into gaming. Do you think the driver could be the issue? Should I get the Game Ready driver? But remember it's not just a black screen, it seems to completely lock up FIRST, for a second or so before the black screen. That would lead me to it not being the GPU unless the driver is locking up my Windows, is that a thing?
  5. Everything seems to have been running good but I have this one issue...and it seems pretty serious. So I'll be doing whatever, whenever, then everything locks up for 1 second, my screen goes black, for 1-3 seconds, screen comes back on like it the input was just switched because it says Displayport 1 at the top, then all seems good.. but then my sound doesn't work until I restart, only after this issue. I don't know how MUCH locks up, I know I can't move the mouse when it starts to happen. I haven't had any audio playing when it does it to see what it does with that. But audio is gone
  6. I might have gotten ripped off like others. I don't think the fans are RGB....I think? Seems like this is a misconception that TONS of people are making. So with my case, I have 4 fans, the first front 3 will be plugged into CHA FAN 1, 2, and 3, right? Where should I plug the 1 in the back? Again, I have the Dark Hero. NOTE: All 4 are RGB.
  7. So I did end up installing Windows and I got MSI AfterBurner and I can control my fan speed at X temp, but what about my RGB on the video card? I dont see anything for that? As for the CORSAIR iCUE H150i, I can get the fans somewhat controlled, highest they went was 1400 then 30 seconds later went to 1k, then stayed at 800 with them on Extreme, guess it depends on the temps which speed they will run? But I CANNOT get the RGB fans working with the CORSAIR iCUE H150i, when I load up the ICUE software Under 'Lighting Effects', I only see it says '1', and its the CPU pump w
  8. I tried to change some fan stuff in BIOS, it only showed 1 fan... So I don't know. I had the 3 fans from the AIO connected.. I think I plugged it into correct spots. The 3pin from teh AIO cooler I plugged into my CPU_FAN top right.. I can't even get After Burner to download.
  9. I'm going to bed, will install Windows tomorrow. I don't wanna deal with trying to figure out where to plug all these fans, I have Phanteks P500a case. So all 3 of the GPU fans turn ON when I start the PC then stop, I guess they have some fan curve and that's normal? But what if I want them on all the time? Where do I go to set that up? It's the GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 3070. Here is the PSU: https://www.newegg.com/seasonic-prime-ultra-titanium-ssr-850tr-850w/p/N82E16817151196?Item=N82E16817151196 This is what is included with the PSU cable wise: 1 x M
  10. I haven't build a new PC in like 10 years so I think I hooked everything up correctly but now I"m worried I didnt. I had a few issues once I got it into BIOS. 1. My 3070 only had 1 fan running, the left one, the other two were doing nothing. It seems like quite a bit of heat was coming from the card and only one was running, after 30 minutes, only that 1 running. So whats up with the other 2? 2. My 5900x seems to be high on temps, it started around 47c then got up to 60c with 30 minutes of BIOS idle, now I am using the: https://www.newegg.com/corsair-icue-h150i-rgb
  11. I have a Phanteks Eclipse P500A (White) on its way. I want to do a 360 RAD up top, then 3 front fans, and 1 back fan, all 140mm. I'm VERY new to all this RGB crap, it seems very confusing. I will be doing a ASUS Dark Hero motherboard. The link of the Phanteks case I posted above says that the 3 front fans are "SK 3-pin" fans. I went ahead and bought this fan for the back. I believe its also a 3-pin connector. I believe all 3 of these fans are the SAME if I'm not mistaken, right? So I want to be able to speed control all 4 case fans with RGB (maybe sync'd if
  12. Well, if I do the 3200 then I can get the latency down to 14 if i dont go rgb, wouldn't that make up for the difference from not doing 4000? or 3600? I just dont want problems after installing. i will also be doing 4k+ editing, etc.
  13. im leaning towards the 4000mhz just to save the 40$ but if im going to have issues getting things to run correctly... should I go with the other? im doing 5900x ryzen ...
  14. can anyone help me with this, im waiting to buy everything .. this is my only question... thnx
  15. So I can go with this, cl16 3600mhz for 640$: https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-64gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820374061?Item=N82E16820374061&quicklink=true or this cl18 4000mhz for 600$: https://www.newegg.com/g-skill-64gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820374049?Item=N82E16820374049&quicklink=true so performance wise they should be the same? the 4000mhz is higher but lower latency.. Seems like i should do the 4000mhz and save 40$? but would i have issues running the ram at that speed with my 5900x? would i have FCLK issues?