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  1. Thanks man! Im afraid if i ho 27 inc 1080 the pixels will be too big but i havent seen a 27inc 1080screen irl
  2. Hi! i want to do a 3 monitor setup but i dont know which 3 monitors do buy. I want the middle on to be a 1440p 144hz (27inc)panel for gaming like csgo, cod and the two side ones can be 60 hz 1440p (27inc) for youtube and twitch,i would like the monitors to be bezel less for a clean look. Budget under 1000 eur. Can anybody help?
  3. I cant find 3 monitors that look the same while one is 144hz and others 60
  4. Hi! PC: intel i7-8700K, GTX 1080TI 11gb, 16gb of ram ddr4 Im looking to buy 3 new monitors that are 1440p 144hz, im going to use one for gaming like CSGO, COD etc and the two others for youtube,twitch etc. Am i going to see big fps drops in those games or am i going to be fine?
  5. i got the solution.NZXT CAM software with the CAM overlay was capping the fps. when i turned it off i got 1000+ fps
  6. It didint help. And when i am playing my CPU and GPU usage is around 25% only.
  7. I dont think so. When i start up csgo i type in the comand fps_max 0
  8. Yes i did install the latest GPU drivers from nvidia and the display port is connected to the GPU.
  9. I just built my new PC and I only get around 120 FPS in csgo with all low settings. My resolution is 1080p. My PC specs: CPU: intel core i7-8700k @4.7Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ( Strix OC edition by ASUS) RAM: Corsair RGB PRO 16 GB DDR4 @3000 MHz (XMP profile on) STORAGE: samsung ssd 970 evo 500 GB PSU: EVGA SuperNova 850W G2 I turned off the FPS cap and v-sync is turned off too. I updated to the latest bios. Help is appreciated.
  10. I am getting 120 fps in csgo with all low settings in 1080p, can someone help me? cpu; intel i7-8700k @4,7Ghz gpu: ASUS geforce gtx 1080 ti oc edition MB: ASUS rog strix z370 e-gaming