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  1. Informative
    Sahl got a reaction from Ayush008 in CYBERPUNK 2077 (WORTH IT OR NOT)   
    I did a pre-purchase a few days ago on it. I don´t see much reason to do it long before a game is relased, but a few days before if you know that you want it and have researched should be fine. Factor in that you can refund as well, even if you preorder, makes it fine for me.
    I am sure it will be great. Most likely we wont get to play before a day after release, I predict massive server issues on steam and patch issues.
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    Sahl got a reaction from Hagnferd in LTT 3DMark Thread   
    Benchmark: Time Spy
    CPU: I7 9700k (Clock frequency 4.901 MHz (3.600 MHz)
    GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Super ROG Strix OC
    GPU Core: 2.010 Mhz
    GPU Memory: 1.938 Mhz
    8.192 MB Corsair DDR4 @ 3.198 MHz X2
    Score: 11 086 3DMark Link: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/49415078?
    Benchmark: Firestrike
    CPU: I7 9700k (Clock frequency 4.902 MHz (3.600 MHz)
    GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Super ROG Strix OC
    GPU Core: 2.040 MHz
    GPU Memory: 1.938 MHz
    8.192 MB Corsair DDR4 @ 3.198 MHz X2
    Score: 23 534  
    3DMark Link: https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/49422525?
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    Sahl got a reaction from guitargirl15 in Who uses what os   
    Should there not be an option for both and maybe even Mac?
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    Sahl got a reaction from sub68 in What Role Do You Play?   
    I usually was the guy that had that desert eagle with scope on for zoom..
    Ohh wait.. this is 2020.
    For a more serious note.
    I play whatever seems to fit what I want to do. If I play a RPG, I look at what I want to be for the game I am about to start, might be a Male half-orc Lawful good Paladin, might be a Female Elf mage/thief multi class that is neutral evil... For MP games I play whatever I think is fun.. in mmo´s I usually had 2-3 characters, so I could switch to play something else when I wanted another type of exprience.
    In other words, I do whatever seems "right" at the moment or whatever suits the story "role" I want to play
  5. Funny
    Sahl reacted to Cyracus in Any news on 3080 performance ?   
    tba: 3090ti $2000
  6. Agree
    Sahl reacted to Mister Woof in Any news on 3080 performance ?   
    If the price leaks are true
    3090 is $1400
    3080 is $800
    3070 is $600
    3060 is $400
    My guess is:
    3090 will give ~10-15% better conventional performance over the 2080 ti with 40-80% better RTX performance
    3080 will give ~10-15% better conventional performance over the 2080 Super, with the same 40-80% better RTX performance
    3070 will give ~10-15% better conventional performance over the 2070 Super, with the same 40-80% better RTX performance
    3060 will give ~10-15% better conventional performance over the 2060 Super, with the same 40-80% better RTX performance
    In conclusion: my guess is the RTX 3000 series will be the actual retail Ray Tracing cards, whereas the RTX 2000 series was a user-funded proof of concept  beta hardware.
    I hope I'm wrong and we get huge uplifts on conventional performance, but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Agree
    Sahl reacted to Mateyyy in Any news on 3080 performance ?   
    You're more likely to get an actual answer to your question one week from now, when Ampere is getting revealed.
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    Sahl reacted to Tech_Dreamer in The RTX 3090 is a colossal triple slot graphics card   
    3080 is slim as the leaks shown.  this probably is 3090 if it exists or a 3080 Ti version.
  9. Informative
    Sahl reacted to illegalwater in The RTX 3090 is a colossal triple slot graphics card   
    Wow, it's huuuuge.
    Between the rumored 350W TDP, GDDR6X supposedly running very hot, and the massive triple slot cooler, I'm thinking we're about to get another Fermi.
  10. Agree
    Sahl reacted to DrMacintosh in TN or IPS PANEL?   
    If you can afford IPS, get an IPS panel. 
  11. Like
    Sahl reacted to tikker in PG279Q Calibration failure   
    Up the backlight if possible? Otherwise I don't know. If it's significantly different to the point you think something is actually wrong with the panel I'd try an RMA again. Althought that's probably not what you'd enjoy after, from what it sounds like, several already.
  12. Funny
    Sahl reacted to PlayStation 2 in Steam website is currently offline   
    Oh fuck, just realized today was a Monday.
    Meh, could just be a random outage then. Happens every now and then on Steam.
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    Sahl reacted to VeganJoy in GTX 1080 replacement   
    snag a 5600xt or 5700, those should get you close. if you can utilize dlss 2.0 in your games maybe get a 2060
    i'd toss an email to evga and see if theyll help you out, cant hurt and theres a nonzero chance that theyll be feeling generous and repair/replace it even if its out of warranty
  14. Agree
    Sahl reacted to Tristerin in Is it a shame to own a low end PC?   
    This thread is weird to me.  Quit thinking about social acceptance on your PC.  Love you, love your PC and that's good enough.
    Also me - I don't have the top end system either, and never will.  Its not feasible, for me and my goals.
  15. Funny
    Sahl reacted to rcmaehl in Press F for Fortnite - Apple AND GOOGLE remove Fortnite from the App Store - Epic Sues Apple   
    Fortnite will just teach people how to jailbreak and sideload the app. They don't care. They'll probably make a tool for it and everything.
  16. Agree
    Sahl reacted to LAwLz in Nvidia might be just weeks away from closing the acquisition of ARM   
    CUDA predates OpenCL by several years and G-Sync predates the open VRR standards. 
    So it's not that Nvidia ignores open standards. It's that Nvidia invents something proprietary, the rest of the industry goes "oh that's cool. We need that", creates an open standard and then Nvidia keeps focusing on their proprietary stuff because, well, they spent money developing it. 
    Same thing is happening now with raytracing. 
    Nvidia does something proprietary, the rest of the industry thinks it's a good idea and develops an open standard for it. 
    I mean. Nvidia does mostly focus on proprietary stuff, but I think it makes sense that they do it. Would be great if they were quicker with adopting open standards but at the same time it's understandable that they want to recoup their investments. 
  17. Agree
    Sahl reacted to bmx6454 in Can I reach 60fps?   
    if you turn the graphics setting in game down a bit, and/or adjust the resolution, should be able to.
  18. Agree
    Sahl reacted to Shammikit in Games from ps4 to pc   
    I think what it does is stream the game from ur PS4 to ur PC. So the processing is done by the PS4 hardware and the PC gets remote control of the game running in the PS4. So I dont think having high end PC hardware does any improvement. I believe u could also stream and play from a PS vita or sony phones too. 
  19. Agree
    Sahl reacted to VeganJoy in Monitor   
    ah crap whats that LG that everyone likes
    pretty sure anything that uses this nano-ips panel kicks ass, but theyre always out of stock. usually around $400
  20. Agree
    Sahl reacted to bmx6454 in Asus Turbo 2070 Super Doesn't Spin   
    sounds software related. try removing any software that can affect fan control for the gpu, and ddu the graphics driver.
  21. Agree
    Sahl reacted to Meganter in OS for gamming?   
    You mean between professional and home edition ? Any of them will work. 
  22. Agree
    Sahl reacted to The Sloth in less fps with new screen.   
    if your running 4K, it uses more GPU power, because it has to push more pixels. 
  23. Agree
    Sahl reacted to TheBean in Why all monitors are either: too dark/bright?   
    TN is bad for anything color related. its really that simple. if you are about colors, then go IPS, if you want good contrast, get VA. also, it could just be that the monitors you are getting are not calibrated and don't have a good tuning option. cheap monitors generally have terrible OSDs and don't let you change much. 
    if you really really care about colors but dont want to get an IPS monitor, get a color calibrator and fix it yourself. but, those cost US$80 ++ so pick your poison
  24. Like
    Sahl reacted to Delicieuxz in Game Recommendations for an new to PC gamer   
    For something Adventure-style, Horizon Zero Dawn just released on PC and has unlocked FPS and some slightly better graphics than the PS4 version. It also has some significant issues and people are anticipating a patch or two for it. If you haven't played Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, it's another adventurous game and I think is the best of the AC series.
    A bunch of other console games have recently been ported to PC: The Halo collection, Persona 4, Detroit, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, Death Stranding.
    Outside of adventure-type stuff, you could check out some titles that are exclusive to, or play best on PC:
    Civilization series
    Total War series
    Homeworld and Deserts of Kharak
    Age of Empires
    Crusader Kings or Europa Universalis
    Age of Wonders
    Banner Saga
    There are some excellent remasters of classic isometric RPG games:
    Planescape Torment
    Baldur's Gate 1 and 2
    Fallout 1 and 2
    Torment: Numenera and Tyranny are newer games in this style that I like
    And if you don't mind playing an older-looking game, Gothic 2 is an amazing RPG.
    If you want to go old-school hardcore strategy, could check out Jagged Alliance 2.
    There are some city building or society- management games, like Cities: Skylines and the Tropico series.
    Any first-person shooters you really like or haven't played but want to, you can check those out on PC and they'll be a different, more responsive, experience than playing with a controller.
    And if you want something to push your new PC, you could try out the in-development Star Citizen. Or Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is a really good RPG.
  25. Informative
    Sahl reacted to BlackManINC in Stuttering in all games with steady fps and no fps drops   
    Yeah, you need to overclock your ram using an XMP profile and try enabling something called Enhanced Sync through Radeon Adrenaline (don't enable V-Sync in game when you do). Also, you need to replace one of those storage devices with an SSD instead and install both your games and operating system on it. It could very easily be stuttering because your HDD is bottle necking the rest of the computer.