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  1. I have tested alot, not just with Crystaldisk, but also windows tool´s and various other programs. The issue however seems to have gone away for now, after I made an extra partition of unallocated space on the secoundary drive.. maybe I am just "lucky" atm. Optane does not seem to be the issue, that was one of the things I looked into and I also briefly tinkered with the cable abit inside (took out and in) so maybe it was loose? Anyway.. will report back if this solved the issue, it was suggested that you might need extra unallocated space for optane to function (and I only had so
  2. Another note. I have tested with several programs now and the HDD is 100% health etc. An example on the HDD disappearing, could be just 5 mins ago, I was just watching forums and news in my browser and suddenly, bam.. HDD is gone.. can´t get it back by search or anything. When I boot and go into bios, I see the HDD right away (it has optane with it) and it is there, when I boot up windows again, the HDD is there.... It is rather weird... the HDD does not seem to be faulty.... Anyone with suggestions that I did not try yet?
  3. Should have included that. It does disappear from disk manager as well and I can´t get it back (if I search for it) It can take 2 hours, it can take a day or more... it is pretty random in terms of when it disappear as well... I tried to think about if it was after I used a certain file/program or if it had been after a "slumber" but all in all.. it just happens at random.
  4. Hi all My secoundary HDD, a Seagate Barracuda 2TB + Intel Optane Memory 32GB M.2 SSD. randomly disappears from win, now and then (started this week) It can happen any given time, can be after the machine has been in deep sleep, can be just after I quit a game, can be well.. just while using the PC. My main SSD with win, obviously has no issues, so the PC does not crash or anything. I have tried to tweak the cables abit. Run various diagnostics (crystal disk, windows diagnostic and Seagates own tool) all showcase no issues with the disk.. I am yet to try and change
  5. We know the DRM hinders performance, we know that it is without patch 1 and new drivers and we know that they used a bloody high tier GPU with a semi tier CPU on 1080p..... who the... does that. I have no concerns about performance.
  6. I preordered a few days ago.. I don´t see why not, I will buy it anyway.. But I would never preorder games long before a release, unless I knew (had been in beta testing etc) or had extenssive information about it. Most games I don´t preorder however. I am not hyped either, I think it will be a decent to good RPG, that is enough for me.
  7. I did a pre-purchase a few days ago on it. I don´t see much reason to do it long before a game is relased, but a few days before if you know that you want it and have researched should be fine. Factor in that you can refund as well, even if you preorder, makes it fine for me. I am sure it will be great. Most likely we wont get to play before a day after release, I predict massive server issues on steam and patch issues.
  8. Sahl

    TN or IPS PANEL?

    Personally my priority would be Hz>Resolution (1440p is sweet spot for me)>Panel type>extra stuff That is based on overall use, but with lots of gaming, so depending on what you need it for, advice can differ. IPS is great now a days and often can pull high hz and no ghosting etc.. I have up to 165hz (and 144 without oc) on mine and that is a 1440p, it is also 4ms (not that gtg matters that much, often they market differently anyway). Albeit be mindful about IPS if you use your monitor in a dark room, then you will need to either adapt or have a little light so
  9. After much tinkering I seem to maybe have found an acceptable colour scheme.. I had to tinker alot to make it similar to the old panel and it is still abit "darker" but well what can you expect from a price like this. I will make sure to use a colourimeter if I ever get my hands on one. Ty for the advice and help tikker, I reckon going away from all those online guides and instead tweaking it myself helped abit.
  10. Indeed not.. If I don´t have to I don´t want to.. even the minor IPS glow and abit of backlight bleeding at the upper right corner is acceptable tbh.. The whole rma is kinda a lottery, since it is just refurbished monitors you get.. Basically I could get something much worse next time. I don´t think you can up the backlight, atleast I have not seen any option for it. I reckon I will test it out and see if it can be ignored or tinkered enough with to be acceptable.. Maybe I can even get some of the glow and/or BB away (if I put a tiny pressure on the panel it goes away entirely
  11. Alright. But even with tinkering around, it feels so "dark" and when I turn contrast or brightness higher, it becomes way to much and ruin the colours.. I guess I might have to just up it a tiny bit and maybe live with the tiny bit darker feel to it. (when I say darker, I mean that the colours were might brighter earlier on the other panels) TY for the suggestion. I will see if I can get a colorimeter to test abit.
  12. I might showcase some pictures later on, if needed.
  13. Hi all Today I got yet another replacement monitor (I had my first shipped to repair, then got a replacement with huge issues like damage to the filter, much backlight bleed, etc) But this new monitor is rather weird. It does have alot of IPS glow, but nothing I can´t live with, but when I calibrate it to the usual settings Racing mode - 47 b 47 c - R 100 G 95 B 95 - The colours seems abit meh.. I would not say washed out, but not as lively as on the other two panels. The screen also seems alot darker, as in these settings seems alot darker, than the other panels I
  14. I was sure it was tuesday as well.. but no this is not maintenace, it is just a server issue, it happens, rarely but well.. You should expect it to be up between a minute and a few hours
  15. That is not just illigal, but could also be dangerous to you, if you paid then using your cc information. I also think this sounds pretty problematic with the extra stuff, never heard about that and I have used steam since 2003. My advice. Uninstall steam and remove his account etc. Do a malware search and change the passwords of your social media stuff. Then download steam from its original page and install it. Make yourself a user on it and then download one of the many free games (Steam is filled with free to play games) Under the storepage you can click free to play
  16. Did you try to clear the cache of those game, validate the files? You could also try to reinstall steam.
  17. EA is not really known for "banning" people and they make sure to implement a system that makes it annoying to even report. If you play any online FPS, then you should always expect some degree of cheating. There are some community servers in some of the games, I reckon those are the best bet, if you want to play in a if not cheat free enviroment, then atleast less hazard enviroment.
  18. As I said, you can look at the other possible reasons I listed, If it gets any more complex than that, hopefully a bigger techie than me comes along.
  19. If Commodore 64 counts then that was the case. My first PC was based on the Intel 486 We had plenty of different types of consoles as well.
  20. That was what I was told was the most likely fault. But don´t claim it, just tell them that your fans speed up at a certain temperatur no matter what setting or fan curve you use and that it runs at over 100% That should be enough.
  21. You can see my spec on my profile (but I will do it here as well for you) I play 1440p and alot of different games. All from casual rogue like games, GHRTS and modern Adventure RPG´s.. To give an example. I don´t stutter in KC:D all the time, but in certain areas and depending on load, I might get a micro stutter. In old games, I might stutter.. (I have not played CS for years, but I know that audio can trigger micro stutters in that game and well tbh.. many PC´s do stutter due to the coding anyway) When games are online.. you will see lag/stutter/etc.. I don´t know anyone that hav
  22. I used the reseller for my issue. But have used Asus for my monitor and they were friendly and the RMA was very fast. I would always if possible go for the store you bought it in first and then if it is problematic, go directly to Asus. You can make a RMA here https://rma.asus.com/ If you want to see my thread. You can go here. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1214274-gpu-fans-spin-100-on-70-degree-celsius/ I hope this helped you. Have a good day
  23. If it works fine in all other games, don´t you think it is just a issue with Fortnite.. Plenty of games are badly optimiced and have minor stutters, some are also online MP games (like Fortnite) and might stutter due to lag etc. You could look if you have HPET on and try to change that. Could be your audio drivers (I would reinstall does) I personally highly doubt it has anything to do with your setup, mainly becuase the issue is only in those two games. I don´t play Fortnite, but maybe you can do a verify files? like you can do on steam (Again I have no clue, since I don´t us
  24. Yes you do. I had similar issue with a 2080. it would run amokz when it hit 68 degree or something and then it would sound like a jet engine. Nothing helped, no custom fan curve, no nothing. It turns out the sensor was broken and that it is a normal issue with the first 20xx cards. I RMAéd mine and got a new 2080s as replacement, have not had any issues since that. So make the RMA (My card was also an Asus card btw)