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    bubnu got a reaction from EL02 in My oneplus device came in a chinese box. Anything to worry about?   
    Update for anyone interested: Talked to a guy from oneplus via live chat and they told me all is good, and there is nothing to worry about. 
    Also, the macro mode is incredible!
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    bubnu got a reaction from Kanna in My oneplus device came in a chinese box. Anything to worry about?   
    mostly worried about the adapter that shipped with it, it doesnt give me any confidence. Also, dont know if the stuff about bands that i found is true or not, so I am afraind of not being able to use 4g for example. or even 2g/3g whatever.
    picture with the adapter:

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    bubnu reacted to MkaiL in Are there any good phones under 6''?   
    Most compact of them all: Samsung galaxy s10e, seems to be what you're looking for. 5,8" screen, has great specs and can be found for a good price.
    The problem with the pixel 3a, even though it has a 5,6" screen, are the bezels that still make the phone big. 
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    bubnu reacted to huilun02 in Are there any good phones under 6''?   
    The 7 Pro is exceptionally big. This is not a normal sized phone
    You can. Side pocket, not back pocket.
    What are you currently using and whats wrong with it?
    The S20 has a 6.2" screen and 4,000mAh battery. 8GB of RAM and 128 internal storage that can be further expanded.
    For perspective the Oneplus 7/7T Pro has a 6.67" screen and the same battery size.
    There is only so much you can ask for before resorting to aggressive power saving settings in software (Huawei's habit) or some voodoo magic to defy physics
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    bubnu reacted to huilun02 in Are there any good phones under 6''?   
    Yup he spelled it out
    The Pixel 3a is 151.3mm tall, 70.1mm wide, and 8.2 mm thick, for having a 5.6" screen
    The S20 is 151.7mm tall, 69.1mm wide, and 7.9 mm thick, for having a 6.2" screen
    My tablet also has a screen much larger than that of an office printer, but for some reason the printer is a lot harder to carry around
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    bubnu reacted to Lord Vile in Are there any good phones under 6''?   
    The only make that does sub 6" and doesn't have Bezels making it the same size as a 6"+ phone is apple soooo pick your poison. 
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    bubnu reacted to huilun02 in Are there any good phones under 6''?   
    Oh yes I forgot to mention that while you have a 'problem' with the S10e having only 6GB of RAM, the Pixel 3a only has a 4GB model that is stuck with 64GB of storage.
    The lowest model of the S10e comes with 128GB internal and can be further expanded.
    Keep in mind the additional cost of data uploads and downloads when not on WiFi, if you are thinking about resorting to cloud storage. if you lose internet access while outside for some reason, well good luck to you. And even while on WiFi, access to cloud storage is much slower and transfers will take much more battery to get done.
    This is in addition to its comparatively miserable battery life and whatever I said about it in an earlier post.
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    bubnu reacted to huilun02 in Should I wait for OnePlus Nord or just buy a 7T?   
    I'm pretty sure all specs of the Nord apart from its chipset is not confirmed yet. It could still have 8GB of RAM. It is very very unlikely to have a better camera than more expensive Oneplus phones. In fact there is a good chance it won't have OIS.
    The only good reason to wait for the Nord is to save some money. And currently there is no way to tell how much inferior it will be compared to the 7T. You are going have to decide how much of a downgrade from the 7T you are willing to accept for an expected $450 phone.
    I also have no idea how long the Nord will take to reach Romania. You will have to do some research to see how long previous Oneplus releases took to reach your country. Its up to you to decide if its worth waiting that long.
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    bubnu reacted to huilun02 in Should I wait for OnePlus Nord or just buy a 7T?   
    The memory your phone was complaining about, is storage, and not RAM
    Mobile devices use flash memory. And flash memory has the characteristic of slowing down to a crawl once it maxes out.
    Please determine the amount of storage you require, and ensure your new phone has at least 135% of that required amount in internal storage space.
    This overprovisioning is to compensate for space already taken up by the OS, and to ensure the space being filled up does not get to the point where it cripples the phone's speed again.
    This slowness is caused by a lack of RAM or crippled storage, or both.
    For storage please refer to what I mentioned above. For RAM, anything with less than 6GB needs to go into the trash, considering the amount of money you are looking to spend.
    This means that your usage pattern has changed significantly since your brain got infected with the Pokemon virus
    Pokemon Go causes your phone GPS to be actively used. This slaughters battery life.
    Please DO NOT deliberately drain your battery to below 25% before allow it to charge. This is very very bad for Li-Po batteries.
    Please (try to) follow these steps to better preserve battery's condition:
    Do not allow battery to drop below 25% if you can help it Avoid fast charging if you are not in a hurry to complete charging or use the device again Avoid trickle charging. Your phone is trickle charging when it is charged to full but is left plugged in to a power source Avoid charging to full if you are going to let the phone sit idle for a long time. Unplug at 80% if you can help it  
    Not ideal but I will see what I can do with this
    I was planning to have a look at one or two sites that has a wide selection, taking the price of the 7T as your max budget to form an index, and then looking at the cheaper options to see what is offering exceptionally good specs for the price.
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    bubnu reacted to huilun02 in Should I wait for OnePlus Nord or just buy a 7T?   
    No. Remove this preconception from your mind
    Possibly. Except memory is a physical contraint that cannot be expanded by updates. You remember that you cannot download more RAM... right?
    No. This will make things worse due to more space taken up by the OS. As said earlier, updates do not speed up your phone
    No. You do not get any driver updates from software updates. Games are completely unaffected. Games are deliberately made to run well on as many devices as possible. Because the game developer/publisher wants as much money as possible. The lack of updates will not take away your ability to run any game. Likewise no game will decide to stop running if you happen to have an ancient version of Android. If there is anything that makes the game run better, it will be the update for the app itself, downloaded through the app store. You do not lose app updates for not running the latest Android version.
    You should not care about software updates unless you know it comes with a feature that you want to use, or has a bug fix that you want implemented. The general public have been brainwashed into thinking that phone OS updates are essential and hold high value. They are not. Especially with Android. This has led to many people seeking and insisting on phone models that supposedly tout a greater length of support and updates. Namely people in this path end up buying overpriced Pixels which had miserable amounts of storage, RAM, and tiny batteries. As a result they got themselves something that had been PHYSICALLY contrained from being able to offer an actual good long term experience.
    Please do not fall into that trap.
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    bubnu reacted to Jeppes in Looking for some good case fans that will also work for radiators   
    Arctic p12:s. 25-30€ for a 5-pack with pwm and daisy-chain cables.
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    bubnu reacted to uberas in Single channel dual rank vs dual channel single rank memory   
    AIDA64 reads for dual rank 3000CL16 read/write/copy/latency are better than single rank 3000CL14 in my scenario so it does make difference (see attachments - sorry for quality)

    copy single.bmp

    latency single.bmp

    read single.bmp

    write single.bmp