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  1. Update for anyone interested: Talked to a guy from oneplus via live chat and they told me all is good, and there is nothing to worry about. Also, the macro mode is incredible!
  2. no, it only said the charger is non-UE and it comes with an adaptor. I did not bother to read the whole thing before purchasing, so I missed this part. On the back of the phone there are 2 stickers that mention HD1900, so it is the chinese version. So far running fine, I dont think i'll return it.
  3. I got a folder called "google" which has gmail, chrome, google, maps, yt and all the good stuff. What site do you normally use for checking compatibility? The one I used says its all good. Its not like I wouldnt return the phone, but I've been stuck to using an iphone 7 for a week and I'm really tired of this small ass battery life, + I dont seem to find one here, in my country (romania, europe), which specifies it is the non chinese version. I can find the 128 gb with the non chinese version, but cant seem to find the 256 gb.
  4. just entered my sim and started the phone. I added my google account, they asked for it in the settup, those this mean I have google inside? Also received a notofications saying "oneplus 7t oxygen os 10.0.11.hd65aa" with an "update now" option. So do i have the global oxygen os?
  5. So there is between hydrogen os and oxygen os? Also, can i still update my phone (without having to go through the troublesome that guy was doing in the video) to the lates oxygen os?
  6. mostly worried about the adapter that shipped with it, it doesnt give me any confidence. Also, dont know if the stuff about bands that i found is true or not, so I am afraind of not being able to use 4g for example. or even 2g/3g whatever. picture with the adapter:
  7. I'm stupid enought to forget to mention I'm from Romania, Europe. The model number for europe is HD1903. Found this on wikipedia.
  8. I can still return it. But looking at other sellers here, they either specify the phone (oneplus 7t 256gb blue) come with an adaptor for europe charge port, either not specify it at all. Looking online, the only difference are supported bands. I found this site on google https://www.frequencycheck.com/carriers/digi-mobil-romania and it seems the HD1900 (my model?) is all good. Also found a guy on yt teaching how to transfer from hydrogen os to oxygen os. I got no ideea what this means. Heres the vid anyway: So, anything i should be worried
  9. I am ok with bezels, dont really mind them. What i do mind is thosse pill shaped punch holes, with 2 cameras. This really looked promising, too bad I can only find it with 6 gb of ram I do need the phone to have good batery life and specs great enough to last me 4-5 years.
  10. Was looking to buy an Oneplus 7/7t/7pro/7tpro and I just held a 7 pro and all I could think of was how tf can you daily something this big. Dont get me wrong, the phone is damn great, but I'm afraid to sit down with it in my pocket. So thats why I'm looking to see if there are any options under 6'' (it can also be slightly above 6''). I was looking at the pixel 3a, heard it has good camera too, but also heard its a ripoff considering the specs and the money tou paying for it. I would apreciate any suggestions, no IOS tho, I'm not a big fan.
  11. Bro, you're just a fucking legend. I had no ideea software updates do not affect performance at all. So if release date doesnt matter, is there a reason to wait for the nord? All i see is 5g and some better camera, but i lose 2 gb of ram. Also cheaper, but any other reason?
  12. Updates make you phone faster, no? Pretty sure my p9 would still be usable if it had more memory and the newest android version. I dont really care about security updates and such, but software updates are like driver updates for you gpu, without them, some games wont even run or at least run slower that intended. I dont know if I'm right about this, so feel free to correct me. Thanks for explaining to me what oled is and what are their issues now, It seems I'll be fine. worst case I'll have to replace the display.
  13. So the p9 lite was hella slow but the memory was also full and it had some notification that the phone is losing performance due to the full memory (16gb+some card that was also full). The main issue was the speed, if someone sent me a message via Messanger and that pop up thing appeared it took like 5 seconds or more to open the text and for the keyboard to start being responsive. I remember the battery was damn great in its glory days. I had to force myself to use the phone to make the battery reach a 10% (I've been told to use the battery completly before putting it
  14. The 7T is like 550$, so the Nord will be cheaper in any case. I got used to the ideea of no longer having a jack and will buy a bluetooth receiver like the mpow so i dont have to buy some wireless buds. I dont think i really need a 120hz screen, I cant even see the difference on my actual monitor between 144 and 60 so yeah, 90 will do. Yeah a bigger battery would be great, but the battery life should be around the same. The only reasons I'm considering waiting for the nord is because of software updates. I know there are only about 2 years of updates and I wanna keep
  15. Oh, forgot to mention, I dont like curved glass, think its stupid.
  16. I broke the screen and display of my actual phone (huawei p9 lite), it was the time to upgrade anyway. So I need some advices / recommandations on what phone to get. I know OP has fast fingerprint reader and good OS, thats why I'm leaning towards it. I can wait for the Nord, just dont know if its gonna be worth. I could also accept some other recommandations if you guys have any, just dont suggest iphones, I need some good batery life. Also I dont really have a budget, just wanna get a nice value for my money. I only browse reddit/ watch yt and use chrome, no gaming an
  17. Hey man I'm in the same dylema as OP and was wondering where you got that "can also crack your motherboard" thing? I'm not insinuating it's false, just curios
  18. I know that, so i ran a bit of furmark and stopped it when the gpu hit 80. The fan connected to the gpu were spinning, but the gpu fans were not spinning.
  19. So I just finished my build and got a little odd set up: I dont have enough fan ports on the mobo so I hooked up one of the fans(arctic p12) to the gpu fan header (got a rx 570 strix with a 4 pin fan header on it) but now under load only the arctic fan spins, the one on my gpu doesnt. I dont want to tear the whole thing apart as its an itx case with at least 1 hour of work put into the cable management please help
  20. Time to contact seasonic I guess. Thanks you all for the help, really appreciated!
  21. Just a clarification: when the 18+10 pin cable is connected to the psu, no matter if the 24 pin has a jumper/mobo conected, THE moment I flick the power switch on, the fuse or whatever it is called just jumps (basically I am out of electricity at any ports within my house)
  22. Tried different outlet, same shit. There is no point is trying a different power cable, because the psu does work, but only when not having the 18+10 pin connected.
  23. Just received my GX 550 from seasonic to do my first build and I plug all the stuff in (outside the case first, obviously) and try to turn on the whole thing. The moment I flick the power switch on on the psu, the electricity in my house just goes out. Tried using it with nothing but the 24 pin and jumper and still the same. I just cant flick the on/off switch on the back of the psu without going dark... When the 24 cable is removed I can turn on the psu, but that is not so usable So faulty cable, faulty psu? Has anyone seen something like this before?
  24. I can get this fella 100$ new rn so instead of impulsively buying it I'd rather hear some opinions on it. Short specs: 1080x1920, 1 ms response time(MPRT), freesync, IPS, 75Hz, 21.5''. My only concern is the marketed response time (1 ms MPRT). From what I've read backlight lighting is used to achieve this response time and that has to be turn down when using VRR like freesync, so you cant tell how bad/good the response time is when using Freesync. Another option I was eyeing is the AOC G2260VWQ6, the only differences being the TN pannel and genuine 1ms response time. Also the lo