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  1. Laptop was never exposed to any dirt or food. I identified the problem. Problem is indeed in battery. I have this laptop close to 10 months now. And I can confirm that the battery is close to swollen state. Here are pictures of battery for better visualization. If you look closely the first cell looks fine. Then other looks like there is air stuck inside and feels like a bubble. Here is picture from other side.: And its this part that is located exactly under touchpad. So when the battery is cool looks like now on pictures. I can imagine tha
  2. Hello, So today I've came across a very strange problem on razer blade 15 base 2019. I could not easily click on either buttoms on the trackpad. I did some research and find out that my battery might have swollen ( battery is located exactly under trackpad ). But then again, I turned it off and waited for half an hour to cool off and the problem was gone. Is my battery really swollen if it magically shrink back to original state when cooled off? Or the problem is not in battery swelling? Thanks4anyhelp
  3. Hello, 4-5 days ago my acer swift died, just randomly shut off. Never turned on again. Tried long press on power buttom, charging overnight and same story, no sign given. Then I left in in my drawer for next couple of days and then tried again with booting. And with some miracle it somehow turned on. Worked just fine. I wanted to do a clean install of windows before I start to use it again. So when installing windows it randomly shut off again. No signs now again. Its not giving me anything. I'm stuck with this now. Also it has soldered on ram so there is no replacing that. Also tried swa
  4. Nevermind. Got the problem maker. The permissions on the first folder weren't set right.
  5. Yes, there are couple of folders in given directory which is /home/erik/games.
  6. I'm sorry. I just don't use furums much and it seemed like its a simple fix. It's /home/erik/games. And the output is chmod: cannot accesss '* ': No such file or directory.
  7. directory with some subfolders.
  8. O shieet, my bad. I already know u need to do this and I always forget, ffs haha. Thanks anyway.
  9. cd $4 && chmod -R 777 * there is no point in showing rest of the script, I tried using -x in beginning of the script and all other commands execute just fine. And also 4th argument is a directory if u wonder. edit: linux version: Mint 19.3 and /bin/bash.
  10. Hello, I just have one simple question regarding bash programming language. I'm writing a bash script and I came across a weird problem. If u use command in terminal in some subdirectory like chmod -R 777 * --> This would give all rwx permisions to all folders in current folder and any other subfolders, because its recursive. But if i try to use it in the script it wouldn't work, saying there is not any destination or file named *. Why is that? thanks
  11. Hello, So I've recently bought a razer blade 15 base mid 2019 (9750h, 1660Ti), all good. I'm facing some weird problems since. I usually connect laptop to an external display and use this display only. This is where the problem comes in. I sometimes get laggy experience doing normal stuff (web browsing...). It happens on random moments and last for random time. But then again if I enable laptop screen aswell (so it extends) the lags stops or it never happens. What could be causing this weird problem? any ideas? Thanks4anyhelp
  12. Hello, So I got a problem regarding my intel i7 8550u. Its a bit weird. So normally the cpu boosts up to ~4.0GHz and it works just fine. Then cpu at random moments locks the speed to 400Mhz. I know this could be cpu thermal throttling, but I kept track of core temps. Never over 70degrees. Any ideas? I could open the laptop and try to blow out some dust, but last time I checked ( a month ago) there was hardly any.