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  1. Well it has been working fine today.
  2. Just downloaded ryzen master and noticed that one core seems to be malfunctioning it goes between 2.4ghz-3.3ghz when folding. I got this 3700x at launch and have just been gaming on it until I started folding last month. My cooler is a NHD-15. Can I RMA this CPU?
  3. Keep an eye on R5 3600 prices I have seen them go down to $150 and if you want single thread performance the 3600 is the way to go. I love AMD's prices right now 1600AF $85, 2600 $100-$120, 3600 $150-$200. All 6c/12t AMD really has changed the market this year.
  4. I have 3600mhz ram a 3700x with a 1080ti. I was playing Farcry 5 at the time max settings at 1440p. The kit I got was a pain to get running at 3600 so at 3000 Farcry would dip to 50-57fps when I got it to 3200mhz fps drops would be around 65-70fps when I got it to a stable 3600mhz dips were around 70fps minimum. So I would say try to get 3200mhz ram it really helps ryzen.
  5. 3600 Will be faster for gaming 3rd gen Ryzen is a really big step up from 2nd gen.
  6. Fun... Thanks for the help all.
  7. I have the AM3 stuff. So LGA 1151 uses the same mounting hardware as older sockets?
  8. Back in 2011 I built my desktop and now I want upgrade to an 8700k. Is there anyway I can keep using my H100 even though I don't have the Intel mounting hardware anymore?