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  1. Clean no icon's on my personal desktop. Work desktop... less so. IE icons there from whenever... I can't even say.
  2. Why not go with an new Ryzen 9 3900 and a 2080ti?
  3. I know it's an ancient thread. Has anyone heard if they are going to do a new... errr... wider? Ruler for the new RTX pinouts? I have a couple of the ones that cover the 1080's and so forth.
  4. Says the main with a rainbow signature.
  5. Sorry I'm not talking consumer grade CPU's here but I get your point. I'm still a fan of Hyperthreading as I think it uses more of he cores that we do have.
  6. This from people who have no answer other than to post snide remarks. Thanks guys.
  7. LOL never ever look at the SQL licensing then. That makes the OS licensing look positively miniscule. We're talking 14k+ per 4 cores. Have a nice day.
  8. I've been trying to find solid information on the newest of Intel's CPU's on if they actually contain hardware fixes for these various vulnerabilities. So far the best I have found is the most current silicone has fixes for two of the so far discovered Variants of the Specter/Meltdown vulnerabilities. I suppose Intel just presumes we will all forget about this. In honesty they have maybe 1 more year of just ordering intel because that's what we have before we investigate alternatives like AMD's EPYC Cpu's for our core infrastructure. Anyone hear any more promising new
  9. Actually Kyle over at the other site already did a return, first card was brand X of member, new card was Samsung. Samsung died in 8 hours before any real torture testing could be done. Other card (3rd 2080ti in this case) is still good. His personal experience is 66% failure rate. I find that interesting. Nvidia's own posting about it stated a .01% failure rate of cards that snuck through. For Kyle to get two back to back... not to mention several other members there claiming the same.. (lets say 50% of them are true to be fair.) That's still a CRAZY high number of failu
  10. I know this may seem anecdotal, and it is in large part. But over on a different forum and site the site owner has had two fail back to back while one remains good. Many are reporting they are seeing multiple failures within days/weeks of getting RMA's, and many are reporting RMA's as well. (of course forums are the outliers.) But retail outlets are being told to keep quiet about the return rates. One shared experience is that a Microcenter store had stacks of returned 20xx series cards for being faulty behind a counter. Guest asked about them and learned from a manager they are seeing
  11. Or perhaps the question really should be. CAN LTT do a piece on the crazy failure rates of the 208 TI cards? I suspect that NDA precludes any real investigation on LTT's part... and really between them and the OCP site that is oh so Hard I would half expect to see some good points brought up. You clearly have the staff and expertise if not on hand on call. So Linus and crew.... will there be a story or can you only publish what Nvidia allows in this matter? (Or is it not something you feel is core to LTT's goals.)
  12. Yea that caught me pleasantly off guard.
  13. I've seen it as I am a member of the [H]ardocp community. Good review a bit shallow on depth for my tastes but posting a world first you need to cut the chaff. In my personal opinion if you have a 10x0 generation card and are not suffering in performance I would wait. The cards even from NVIDIA for the 21x0 or whatever is next series will be a die shrink AND generation change, AND see some RTX support in the wild. That will be the value proposition for an upgrade. And really we all know if this generation has weak sales all around then the next one will be more aggressivel
  14. Do you think I would be better served in going with an additional 1070 and running SLI? Thoughts?
  15. Want to feel good about yourself and impress dad to get you a car when you become of age? Tell him you want to go to your local warehouse store be it sams or Costco or even Aldi and stock up on canned food goods. (or dog food stuff) Then go to your local food pantry (Or pound in need) and donate it all. This gives you multiple benefits. 1. bring one of those girls that's interested in you and make a trip out of it as part of your birthday celebration or post birthday celebration. 2. Dad/Parents will probably love that you are doing this and on their own include somethin