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  1. A+ cert is what helped me get my current job with out a degree, (that and I had references that knew the hiring committee and gave me a leg up because of it) Entry level help desk, at a college. Great benefits, all holidays off, spring break, thanksgiving break, Christmas break, they cover my health insurance even, salaried with the option for overtime.. But to go any higher, I need to finish my degree. Not all university has to be crippling dept, my wife only owes about 16,000 for her associates and that is from a regionally accredited University, to finish her Bach degree wont ad
  2. This is bad advice, most employers will not even look at your app for anything more than a BASIC entry level help desk, and even then they still want at least an associates degree or 5 years experience in the field with A+ cert. Getting a higher level education is NEVER a bad idea. You might find you really don't like IT as a job, and having a BS degree will transfer to other employment opportunities. I know a guy who got promoted to a network admin from a help desk position because he had a degree (not even in the field, just a degree..) SO yea. Get a degree, if you really want IT, get an IT
  3. http://www.redgamingtech.com/does-intel-hyper-threading-hurt-gaming-performance-i9-9900k-analysis/ It makes very little difference from the quick glance I did at this websites benchmarks. (granted he was running a i9-9900k but hyper-threading has been a thing since the Pentium 4HT on socket 775, I am amazed that games don't use it effectively (allegedly )
  4. Thats weird. what brand is the SSD? I have a WD Blue SSD that suddenly would not work correctly, WD software said it was fine, but windows stopped loading, and Linux would not install. I formatted it three ways from Sunday, and gave up (It was outside warranty). left it setting in a drawer for like 5 months, pulled it out the other day to throw it into a junk tower and see what happens (as I was bored lol).. I restored a backup from another system to it and its working like a champ now.. so yea.. Good luck. I'm out of ideas.
  5. not that I know of. M$ has never made an OS free that I am aware of. Other wise no one would upgrade their windows. (even now there are still millions of people using windows 7, and I am sure ever a few still running on vista. and IF you really want to you can get by on XP still. There are forked versions of firefox and chromium that will run on XP yet)
  6. What you might try, use gparted to to just blank the drive, dont partition or any thing, just blank it. Then check your BIOS for secure boot options. enable secure boot if its not enabled. IF it is enabled you could try disabling it and turning on Legacy(CSM) I've had weird issues with this kind of thing my self before. linux boots differently than windows and is honestly more forgiving of BIOS issues in my experience. (no idea on the hackintosh working, unless its using the linux boot loader.
  7. I've used ebay for keys about 15 times no issues. I have noticed that the USA ebay site is getting hard to find the keys online, I think US ebay is cracking down on the sale because its a grey area in the USA, but ebay.co.uk has no issue with it, and has many more key sellers available. prices from aprox 3-5$ once converted from pounds sterling(I think thats what they call their currency) to USD
  8. Maybe something like https://www.autohotkey.com/ would do it? I have not used it much but a co worker of mine swears by it for automating things.
  9. depends on the level of mgmt, entry level "floor manager" just a college degree (at least a bachelors) would be good enough. Any thing more than that will want that degree and 5 years experience at a minimum. If you have 15+ years experience and an associates you might get some where, but for anything higher than middle mgmt, bach with 10-15 years or masters with 5-10 years experience. This is generally speaking, there are going to be instances where this does not hold true.
  10. Okay, I'm familar with servies out side the USA, but on the ones I sold there was just one APN, any more an it would mess things up. The trick was to find the one that worked for everything. (granted at the time most USA carries did not let you tether, or if they did it was an extra charge and had to be turned on on their side.) I would suggest contacting your carrier and see if they have a single APN setting that can cover your use case. (phone and PC tethering)
  11. Yes, viable desktop replacement in a phone will be great. BUT I want it to be USB-C, and support triple monitors. (doesn't even have to be 4k I'm using three 1440x900 19 inch Acer monitors right now. so yea..) and good app scaling. I want it a feature of the OS and not a 3rd party option. (unless Samsung makes dex available to every one. I think they are the only ones actively trying to make this a real option..
  12. what network / location are you using? I used to deal with crappy APN settings back in the day when i sold cellphones, I honestly didnt think they where still an issue. (its been about 4 years since I sold phones)
  13. It reads to me that his phone will work on wifi, but not on mobile data, but if the phone is used as a modem for a PC that PC can get internet through his phones mobile data.. only thing I can suggest at this point is a factory reset.
  14. If you can get it (supposed to be China only) the Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra is a lot of phone for not a lot of money. Maybe a oneplus 8 pro? asus Zenfone 7? there are hundreds of options. What is the max you will pay?
  15. Moto should have stuck with Moto "E" for low end, "G" for mid "X" for high and "Z" for ultra (note tier). Good luck to them. I had motos in the past (wife currently does) I really liked my Atrix HD.
  16. That could be the washer, I had a washing machine that simply loved to eat clothing, it was getting tugged by the agitator. replaced the machine with a new HE machine that has three little fins instead of a big agitator and no more holes in clothing.
  17. Did you get it from official Microsoft channels? If so Its probably fine. If you already installed it then kinda late to be checking the file integrity. **EDIT**This might help you a bit more. https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/189000/how-to-verify-the-checksum-of-a-downloaded-file-pgp-sha-etc
  18. Where are you getting this? In advanced power options in windows 10 "maximum processor state: On Battery 100%" This would allow the laptop to use 100% of the CPU power.. the OEM isnt going to use a sub par battery that wont allow full power use. I will concede that in the default state it may not run at 100% but it most certainly can.
  19. Adobe CS is an entire suite of products that has been built from the ground up to work seamlessly together. You also need to factor in the time to uninstall the adobe software (time that no work would get done, lost revenue) then time to install the new software (more time that no work gets done, also lost revenue) then every one has to learn the new software (reduced productivity, and lost revenue) deal with any bugs/glitches that pop up (again lost productivity, and reduced revenue) From a business standpoint this is just not acceptable. Linus is not a one man show, he isn't doing the editin
  20. windows based laptops can do that too, you have change the power profiles.
  21. my 560ti was able to play destiny 2 in 1080 at barley 30, at 720 is was getting 35-40 ish. would slow down during large amounts of battle. I have not played it in a while though. (i also OCed the card for that game.)
  22. We are in the same club! I'm rocking a 560ti it plays what I need it too..
  23. I honestly believe a good part of the "shortage" is marketing. What better way to hype of a product then to not let people have it. It makes it exclusive and some how better. If they really wanted to have inventory on launch day, they would simply move the launch day (or announce it) farther back so that they have inventory. They could have easily build up a supply, and then made the announcement that it launches in 2 weeks. BUT they wont, because then every one would get it that wanted it, and there would be no hype to keep people looking at and watching to see what comes next.
  24. In August of 1997, Gates stepped in and saved Apple, which, at the time, was on the brink of bankruptcy. ... The world's a better place," Jobs told Gates after the Microsoft exec agreed to make a $150 million investment in Apple.Aug 29, 2017 (source: cnbc)