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    Germany, Cologne
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    AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450 A-Pro
  • RAM
    2x 8GB 3000mhz G.Skill Aegis
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB MSI
  • Case
    Some Oldschool Enermax Case i did bought 10y ago
  • Storage
    1TB WD Blue
  • PSU
    600Watt CoolerMaster Lite
  • Display(s)
    ASUS VS247 / AOC 24G1WG4
  • Cooling
    AMD Stealth Stock Cooler
  • Keyboard
    HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanichal
  • Mouse
    Logitech G502
  • Sound
    Logitech 2.1 Z310 System
  • Operating System
    WIn10 Pro

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  1. So i think i kinda fixed the issue now and i can hold my Ram speed + i saw on a Benchmark that my CPU actually does overclock up to 4.3GHz on all cores *peek. But what is that random casefan rpm? Is that normal or does it want to fly away from me?
  2. Yeah but how do I do that on my Motherboard I have no clue. All i can just see is that the Curve is set to PVM or OC mode, and i can eddit it somehow.
  3. So there is my problem, I want to tickle some more juice from my RAM since i saw that Windows Manager showed me while i was on gaming @2133mhrz frequenzy even tho the packagin said it should atleast hit 3000mhz. So i went into my BIOS after watching some YT Videos and activated the XMP Profile 1 and did aktivate Game Boost on too in my BIOS. And as soon as I did that my CPU Fans are going wild with the RPM and its annoying bcs it shouldnt be on MAX Rpm all the time " EVEN ON IDLE OR BOOTING UP ". Is there anything i can do to ajuste the RMP on the fans whi
  4. So i bought myself a new CPU Cooler, the Arctik Freezer 33 Esporsts Edition (With 2x 120mm Fans) And it is actually running really nice and cool by 55° on a CPU-Z Stress test. So i thought i enable in the Bios the Game Booster and somehow it spikes from 1.2v into 1.3v CPU VDD ( i think thats normal ) But also the Fans are now running at full speed all the time when im in the Desktop. I dont really like that. Is there something i can do or should i just disable the Game Boost feature in the MSI B450 BIOS ?
  5. I'm about to get those : Cpu Fans Case Fans Cant I just daisy chain those all with the included controller of the 3er Fans pack with the with the CPU fans ?
  6. I have a B450 MSI A-Pro Mobo. I actually now have a Phanteks P350X Case now and im quite happy with it. Now is the question, i want on top 2 120mm and a rear exhaus 120mm Case Fan and I want to Sync these with my Phanteks Case LEDs with them over the MSI Mystic Light 3 Software. Is it possible in anyway ? No Paywall here.
  7. Are you now talking about only the CPU or for the whole case?
  8. Then i have to ask you: Do you know how the following Case actually looks like ? "Phanteks P350X" If yes, then maybe i could go RGB. Otherwise its not important. Depents on how much i have to pay extra for a set of non/rgb fans. And can i sync the fans with the light stribes on the P350X lights with them together too?
  9. hi Guys I dont know if its the right section for the post but... anyway ill try my luck . So I recently bought the Phanteks P350X and am thinking about which CPU fans / case fans should I buy or where to place them. I've seen in the LTT video what is all so possible and what setup what a difference can make. Still, I'm still pretty unsure what exactly is best for the following RIG: Case: Phantek's P350X CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 6x Cores (if more is to ask just look at my profile because everything is detaliert) It is now only the question of whether I should get me an AIO or just full air coo
  10. Well first word is : I didnt even know about G-Sync/Adaptivesync before buying a new Grafic cart . I just noticed after that all what possibilities there where as it was too late lol. I'm running now a Asus VS247 (60hz / 2ms by 24") and i'm concidering now a new monitore at 144hz 1080p. Maybe even go for a 27". And i might need to mention i live in Germany. here is what ive found so far. Recommendet from NVIDIA: Asus VG278Q for 289€ 144hz 1ms 27" FreeSync Recommendet from some Youtubers: Viewsonic XG2702 for 299€ 27" 144hz 1ms FreeSync Both
  11. Yeah thats the problem. It only "shows" (like an ikea manuell) how to get it into the socket. not more.
  12. I have another question to the MSI B450 A-Pro Mobo. I got myself with a R5 2600 with a Aegis 2x8GB 3000mhz Kit. Works actually really good. But im concernd about "how" or even "wich" slots u should use for the dual Rams. is A1 B1 or is it A1 A2? I'm corrently a A2 B2 and so far no problems appeard. But im just concernd about the slot taking i did took.
  13. What i have noticed now is the Power Plug for the New X570 Mobo's, they require mostly now 8 Pins or even 10 Pins or even more. Does that mean i have to buy a new PSU? ( Corrently have 2 x 4 Pins for the Mobo),
  14. Yeah there the turbble begins, i eitgher have the CPU do update neither the Mobo to update. can I just buy the 3000 CPU with a B450 Mobo and go into Bios and do this that way? I really dont see a reason to buy the 2nd first and then switch only for the update to a 3rd gen.
  15. I was going anyway to get a B450 Pro 4 from AsRock. And I saw somewhere a official List of them puting in for the next gen update for there bios. I just wanted to get confirmed by that.