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  1. Funny
    Warin reacted to Bananasplit_00 in what happened to Luke ?   
    he disapeared into the void, never to be seen again exept for when he manages to materialize from the air as Linus sacrefises one GTX 1080TI to the Floatplane gods so he can be on the WAN Show
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    Warin got a reaction from TheInvisible_Dude in Is this a good deal for my son   
    Where are you? Because a lot of retailers here in Canada seem to have the Series S in stock most of the time.  I would get yourself down to a local brick and mortar store and find one in stock as regular retail and just pick the game up at the same time. 
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    Warin got a reaction from Colty in Is this a good deal for my son   
    Where are you? Because a lot of retailers here in Canada seem to have the Series S in stock most of the time.  I would get yourself down to a local brick and mortar store and find one in stock as regular retail and just pick the game up at the same time. 
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    Warin got a reaction from Ertman in Is this a good deal for my son   
    Where are you? Because a lot of retailers here in Canada seem to have the Series S in stock most of the time.  I would get yourself down to a local brick and mortar store and find one in stock as regular retail and just pick the game up at the same time. 
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    Warin reacted to Ertman in Is this a good deal for my son   
    depends on what you mean by 700... what currency. But generally no. S is usually available at retail
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    Warin reacted to Nexxus in Verified Actual Gamer Program Information   
    You could say im a fan, if either of you follow kojima on twitter you may of seen the second pic, I sent it too him and he retweeted it, and funny enough an indie game dev in sweden saw it and offered to sell me that MGS2 Collectors edition you see in the left side of the first pic. 
  7. Agree
    Warin reacted to IAMABOSS in Linus/LTT have 80 RTX 3080s now for some reason?   
    I really think it is mining farms driving the prices up so much more, a few weeks after launch 3080s were going for around 1k/1.2k USD on the local used market, crazy for a 700$ MSRP product, now they are 2k+ on ebay and ghosts on the local market. Mining farms have a ton of cash to throw around so they keep buying them up, so prices continue to rise. I am really starting to dislike this "convert electricity into money" garbage. I understand that it totally makes sense to mine right now, but my electric is expensive enough, and I cannot get a 30XX anything to mine on.  
  8. Agree
    Warin reacted to WereCatf in How can I format a hard drive that has Windows on it and reinstall Windows on the same drive?   
    Yes, you just simply boot from the USB-stick with the installer on it, then delete the partitions on the drive that already there within the installer.
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    Warin reacted to Chase Douglas in where is ltx 2021 going to be if it even happens   
    I don't think we've put out an official statement yet (although we will at some point),  but I know it's been mentioned on WAN show that for the time being we aren't planning on hosting an LTX this year. A virtual LTX is also not likely to happen since we're working on some other streams/events/videos that will happen throughout the year! 
    It's just not possible to host an event in person due to the ongoing pandemic, but we're hopefully that we can be back for 2022. We'll just have to wait and see.
  10. Agree
    Warin got a reaction from Ar558a in Rumors or Hearsay RE: Inventory for 5000 series?   
    Blame it on Apple.   I read somewhere that Apple uses something like 80% of TSMCs fab output for their Apple silicon and iPhone/iPad SoC production.  If true, that would explain why it seems easy to get the latest iPhone, but harder to fins AMD CPUs and GPUs.  As for cutting back on SoC production for Sony and Microsoft, I can't see that happening.  AMD wants to keep those high volume customers happy.
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    Warin reacted to Biomecanoid in Just bought LTTs Mineral Oil PC! Don’t know what to do with it   
    What separates this PC from other is that its submerged in mineral oil. If you air cool it its just another PC
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    Warin reacted to Ar558a in The next motherboard generation for AMD 5000 series   
    Considering X570 already supports PCI-E Gen4 there is little need for a 5000 series specific chipset. I'm guessing the Zen4/DDR5 600 boards will be next in early 2022...
  13. Agree
    Warin reacted to Grabhanem in Response to Linus' Terrible Non-Apology About RAID Sponsorship   
    Response to the Response to the Response:
    People arguing about every tiny thing LMG does is more annoying than anything LMG does.
  14. Agree
    Warin reacted to Eigenvektor in Drive letter B:   
    In the past A and B were typically floppy drives and C was the OS drive. Later on, D was usually the CD-ROM drive. Doesn't really matter, its just kind of convention.
  15. Agree
    Warin reacted to Lord Bloobus in What PC components are gonna be affected by tariffs?   
    The tariffs are likely to be rolled back with the new administration. So I'm honestly not bothering worrying about this, and worry more about them just keeping them at higher prices once they are removed.
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    Warin got a reaction from BotDamian in First 3D Printer   
    IF you don't want to print big things, but do want really high quality prints, check out a printer like the Elegoo Mars or the Anycubic Photon. They use resin rather than filament, so can be a little more expensive, but the results are outstanding.  Ideally, you want both an FDM and an SLA printer at some point, since each has its strengths.
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    Warin reacted to colonel_mortis in how to become an cpu designer/architect [advice needed]   
    A degree in Electronic Engineering would probably be a good start, although I imagine there are some universities with more specific courses and there are most likely paths in from other engineering-style courses too (for example, some computer science courses will cover the necessary background too, just not in as much detail).
    From Electronic Engineering there are a bunch of paths that you can take in all things electronic (including going into software), so if that is what you want to do then that isn't a bad option. On the other hand, if you think software would be more your thing then you could start with Computer Science/Software Engineering and focus on the hardware side of that, as long as your course is suitable for that.
    I suspect that all hardware architect roles would require a degree, so I don't think there are any radically different paths that you could take.
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    Warin reacted to twistedtyrant66 in Finally did it.   
    hey , i dont mind your opinion. it doesnt bother me. linus and the crew and there videos has rescued me from a lot of dark times. even after all these years it is something i look forward to and cherish. being reminded of that every time i look down doesnt bother me. i already excepted that certain tattoos in certain places will never be excepted by some. but that is fine. but i will never be ashamed of loving the things i love enough to honor them forever. i have a career , i have a loving family who loves my tattoos. thats all that matters to me.and everything ends. but good memories dont. just like we have photos in albums, and tshirts of bands and other things. they are a reminder of special times. 
  19. Agree
    Warin reacted to Lurick in Finally did it.   
    Good thing nobody needs validation from people like you on the internet
    I might not be on board with OP's choice 100% just based on personal preference but if they are happy, more power to them.
  20. Agree
    Warin reacted to p51mustang23 in good or bad idea?   
    Do literally whatever you want with your PC feet.  The only concern with PC case feet is whether the height is enough to allow airflow, and that only matters if u have a PSU or case fan that flows through the bottom of the case.  

    That's all there is to it.  

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    Warin reacted to Action_Johnson in Is CD Projekt Red finished?   
    LOL CDPR is just fine...
  22. Agree
    Warin reacted to charlie_root in Anyone here have experience with the Dell Poweredge r715 for computer simulations?   
    Returning it or selling it is not worth the hassle and the shipping costs IMO. I say just use it and see if the performance is acceptable. 
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    Warin reacted to Dutch_Master in EU made CPU's? EU signs €145 billion declaration to develop next-gen processors and 2nm technology   
    Philips, a large Dutch company known for many things electrical, had a semi-conductor division prior to selling it off in 2006, to become NXP. It retained its HQ in the Netherlands. I suspect a large chunk of that money will end up in the Netherlands anyway, as ASML, the company that makes the machines that make chips, is located not far from Eindhoven, Philips HQ
    PS: it's worth exploring the ASML site if you're interested in the basics of chip manufacturing etc!
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    Warin reacted to LogicalDrm in Can 2 different game studios from a single parent company work together to create a single game?   
    As we have discussed before, PC Gaming is as close to all gaming as we have. Most of the examples used are mainly or originally PC games (GTA and Mafia for example).
  25. Funny
    Warin reacted to RejZoR in Mining Farm with 78 GeForce RTX 3080s Spotted: Capable of Generating $128,088 Per Year   
    It's not like you can notice a difference between ray tracing and screen space reflections lmao