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  1. @ricksteendam1 most of the times just playing games on the middle monitor, and like youtube/discord/my ps4 on the monitors on the sides, but i'm planning on playing games like project cars 2 on the 3 monitors are the same time every now and then (but not the main focus of this setup) I don't really have a pre-set budget that i want to spent on it. Defenitely don't want to buy really expensive monitors with 1440p 144hz because it seems unnecessary to me. Currently running a single cheap 1080p60hz monitor, and it looks oke to me. I think the max will be around 250 for
  2. Hello, I've been looking for a long time now for new monitors for my gaming setup, and i'm struggling to find the right combination. My plan is to buy a triple monitor setup, but there are a few things i will point out. I've been looking for 3x a 1080p 144hz monitor, because most of the times i will be gaming on the monitors, therefore i think 1080p144hz is better than 1440p60hz (correct me if i'm wrong). It isn't really my intention to play games on 3 monitors at the same time, but just on the middle screen, and use the 2 at the sides for other things. However i want 3 of the same