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  1. Hello, everyone! So, I can get some pretty good deals "locally" (In the northen part of the country, where I live); and these are the options: 1. Sony MDR-V7056 2. Sennheiser HD 559 3. Audio-Technica ATH-SR5 Yes, all of em for 50€ each. So, uh, which one is better? I like my headphones confortable af, and for critical listening. (Kinda rich coming from me with my MDR-V150...) THAT ASIDE! Which is better? I definetly like my soundstage open, and well defined mids. (Backstory: I tried my el cheapo, open-back and pretty big c
  2. Well thats shit. I want my audio crisp, so I think I might save the money.
  3. Forgot to mention that the HM-4 was at a sale, normal price is 40€. But that does that even matter now? Deal is gone into high heaven. Should I just cash out a bit more on the X6 and keep peace of mind that I bought something more suitable? Also, thank you.
  4. I tested them at a store, and I love them. (Tried the 250 ohm one.) But, I dont want to take the risk of buying them right now. You see, Im rather young and my parents will press me with questions ”DID YOU ARLEADY BREAK IT” or ”WHATS WRONG WITH IT” and stuff like that. Yeah, amazing. Speaking of AMPs, I found the Mackie HM-4 for 20€. Will that be enough for the DT 770 PRO? Hear it has like 47Ω impendance per channel, isnt that a tad too much for the DT 770 PRO?
  5. Hello, everyone. Changed my mind, now I am set to get an real hi-fi headset, and I am eyeing the beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250Ω. But, will the ALC 1220 handle it? Im planning to get the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro. And no, I dont have enough money to buy an AMP. But, the motherboard comes with an AMP feature, adjusting the audio codec to an different impendance or that kind of marketing shite. Or should I get the 32Ω variant? Why 32Ω? The 80Ω one is not available. I have a friend with the exact same audio codec (albeit on an different motherboard) and he told me tha
  6. Hello, everyone! One of my friends is making his build, but he has a fairly limited budget. The Thermaltake Smart BX1 550W is rather cheap, 45$ with an discount. And for some damned reason the CX550M is significantly more expensive there, sure, 20$ does not sound a lot to you, but in Poland thats a lot. How good is it? Read on the PSU Tier List that the Thermaltake Smart PSUs (under 750W) are total shite. Is the BX1 a new model? https://www.thermaltake.com/smart-bx1-550w.html Thanks in advance!
  7. Old post I know, but my membrane keeb needs 70g to actuate. Really depends...
  8. Here are the prices... R3 3200G - 106€ R5 1600 - 205€ R5 2600 - 181€ R5 3600 - 218€
  9. Out of stock. Or will the MSI B450M Bazooka V2 be a better buy?
  10. Prices here in Romania are nothing short but crazy, the difference in the R3 and R5 CPUs is big, at least in our currency. Also, he wont build his PC right now, so deals wont help.
  11. Hello, everyone! One of my friends is making his first PC, consisting in an Ryzen 3 3200G paired with an Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB. But, he plans to use the ASRock B450M Steel Legend mobo, which... is not X570...? (To put it bluntly.) The new APUs are Zen+ CPUs, but they are from the new series. So, does he need to update the BIOS on the mobo to use it? Thanks!
  12. Hello, everyone. Currently, I am confused. I dont know what to pick, here are my options. Sony MDR-XD150 + Trust GXT 232 Mantis (Mic) Cooler Master MH751 The MH751 is the same price as the combo. The Sony headset looks really good, and reviews say its hella comfortable. I use my headset a lot and I dont want my ears to hurt. How is the bass on the MDR-XD150? I (obviously) listen to music too. Audio quality itself matters too. Any info? Does it have good highs and lows? Thats pretty much everything now. Thanks in advance!
  13. Ryzen really is the better option. But, why not try the B365 Chipset? If you are going mATX, pick the Phantom Gaming 4 mATX from ASRock, and if you need ATX, get the ATX version.
  14. 15 megabits. And yeah, they look good with the program I made. Attached some sets I made.
  15. Sorry... ***15,000 kbps. A 4TB HDD is 40€ more... (yes I edited it)
  16. Kinda both. Continuous images in motion. Yeah, videos. Basically, you make a program in Unity and record the screen at the same time you render the zoom. Bitrate must be high, hence the detail in Mandelbrot sets is so extreme it would be a shame not to show it in its full potential. But, recording and rendering a zoom is a GRUESOME task, one guy did a 1,000,000,000 iteration zoom and it took him 2 MONTHS TO RENDER. After I make the zooms I delete them and put them in my external HDD.
  17. Thats what Im gonna do, but Im gonna keep most files. And Im gonna save a lot of Mandelbrot sets, those beauties occupy space, but I cant lose them.
  18. I arleady had those SSDs, the M.2 one will be a new buy. Dont know about the bitrate yet, but Im gonan do hard Mandelbrot zooms so quality is a must.
  19. Hello, world. Making my build and planning to start an YouTube channel after I have the required hardware, but I have a question. Say, if I make 10min long videos, at 1080p, every few weeks, will 2TB of storage be enough? I will have an 256GB M.2 SSD for the boot drive and 2 500GB 2.5` SSDs for mass storage and games. The 2TB drive will be used ONLY for the videos. I dont plan to upgrade anytime soon, thats why I chose 2TB, for the long run. Also, I will use HitFilm Express, if that matters. Thanks!
  20. Im REEEEEEEALY picky about ghosting. Why not send an email to nVidia and ask them?
  21. DONT GET THAT ONEEEEEEEEEEE! Its ghosting is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I bought that instead of the -D8 version, and I regretted that. The -D8 version is amazing. Get the AOC Q3279VWFD8 instead, it has an IPS panel with no ghosting. And for the FreeSync, I dont know if it will work, there are workarounds, but its not reccomended. Just use VSync.
  22. Not suited for heavy OC-ing. This may be a worst case scenario, but with a 2700X (I think), one reviewer reached +100°. For lighter CPUs, it will be ”adequate” with some airflow, but have common sense, OC-ing with no case airflow?
  23. Hello, everyone! So, one of my friends is making his build, telltale copying mine. The specs are as the following, but Im including only the most important parts (in this scenario): Ryzen 5 2600 Sapphire Pulse RX Vega 56 Cooler Master Hyper 212 (Black) Listed those parts because it goes without saying, they will affect temps and airflow the most. (Yes... case fans determine airflow.) He aint planning to overclock, so temps might be milder. But, Im worried about the GPU. Here is the main question: Lets say, if I fill the front wi
  24. So, with the 1ms response rate, I should be good, right
  25. That really goes without saying, yknow... What about the ghosting? (Yeeeeees Im gonna use an 1080p 144hz monitor with a Vega 56...)