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  1. Just to report what I went with, I got the 32 one (31.5) and it looks and feels great. Even though the ppi is about the same as a standard full hd 24' monitor, due to the increased size, it seems like there's a lot more details and everything just looks way better, for example road textures, car plates,etc. look much larger and sharper. I even tried 1080p with Gta V and it still looked great, I expected it to look blurry, but it didn't, though I don't have perfect vision and I sat at half a meter, but nonetheless.
  2. I know nothing about operating websites to be honest, I did have a "test" website on Weebly years and years ago, which was easy to design using the built-in tools, but I didn't plan on making any money of of it and I got bored of it, it also didn't have a domain name, but the annoying .weebly.com in the end, since it was a free website. Now I have several ideas for websites and I am willing to have a weekly news/blog type of a website, maybe another different one as well, but I want to make some money of of them. I know that you can easily design sites using Squarespace and such si
  3. There's not a lot of DDR3 ram's anymore and I can't buy a new cpu and motherboard at the moment just to get ddr4, so I bought the only available sticks I could find which are 1800mhz, since I thought that my mobo supports that speed, even though it's a cheaper one. It however supports only up to 1600mhz, so what should I do now, should I run the 1800mhz sticks I already got (which I think should run at 1600mhz nonetheless) or should I return them and wait for the pretty much equally priced 1600mhz ones to get shipped, which could be days?
  4. I was thinking about a 24.5 1080p monitor, but it's ppi is the same as my current 22inch 1680x1050 and since I am going to keep the new monitor for years and years, I decided to increase the budget and get something better. My main goal is immersion, I consider immersion when I play games like Gta V and RDR2 in first person because of how things look bigger and not toy-ish like they do in 3rd person. With that in mind, I decided to go with 1440p and either a 27 or 32 inch monitor. My current 22 inch 1680x1050 monitor is 90.05 ppi 1440P 27 is 108.79 ppi 1440P 3
  5. I have an old LG W2234S monitor that's 1680x1050 and 22 inches (ppi 90.05), but that only has a VGA connection (I'm using a DP to VGA converter), I am looking to finally upgrade to proper 1080p and maybe get a bigger screen as well. 1440p and 4k screens are way out of my budget, so instead I found a Displayport monitor that is 1080p and that's 24.5 wide (ppi of 89.9) If I go for it, will I even notice the barely lower PPI, will it look more or less the same or will it be much better looking, since it's digital, instead of the analogue signal, and will I notice the diffe
  6. I am using my PC as well...a PC, but I also have a smart TV (but a generic very weak one, so basically useless, apps barely run,etc.) and I'd like to run a IPTV on it. The PC would run the IPTV and the video and audio would be viewed on the TV via a HDMI cable. I can already do that, however, can I do that and at the same time separately use my PC, play games,etc. and have for example games shown on my computer monitor and game sounds go over the motherboard speakers, but the TV dispay run the IPTV program and have it's video and audio over HDMI?
  7. Well there's that other way to get it that pretty much 95% of people here in East Europe use, not that I am telling anyone to, but the game still exists there I have played it actually before, but I forgot about it, but yes, I think most cars are non-European, but nonetheless it's a good example. If games like Gta and Watch dogs got licences, then maybe they would also have regular real life cars, which would be amazing, but will probably never happen.
  8. While games like Need for Speed, Forza, Burnout Paradise,etc. are fun, they mostly lack one type of cars, those that consist the huge majority of cars in the world - everyday cars. Obviously they are not as fast and interesting to most gamers, so that's the reason why there's so little of them, but for example even after 15 or so years I still remember driving the Peugeot 206 (a bit stronger engine, but still counts) from Underground 2, a game which also has a Ford Focus (and it's not the sporty SVT version) and an Audi A3 (this one did have a sport engine). How many ga
  9. Nope and I never actually installed windows myself (though ironically I changed every single part of hardware, including switching a PC case and connecting it to a motherboard, which is harder than almost anything else), so I'm a bit afraid of screwing something up tbh, so I have a few questions: 1. What do I need? Do I need a usb flash drive or can I just have the install files on one of my two drives? (an ssd where the os is currently at and a hdd) , I don't have a windows cd or even a cd reader on my pc case, so it has to be one of those two. 2. Where do I get the ac
  10. Basically I want to reset Windows 10 (1903), but I can't because I keep getting a message that says that resetting failed and that no changes were made. At first I tried resetting with keep files and data, but after that failed, I tried to reset without keeping data and that also didn't work. So what am I even supposed to do? I've been pressing the check for updates for windows for days now,but I don't even get any real updates, just antivirus definitions. Mixed reality doesn't work and can't be fixed even after reinstalling it and Forza Horizon 4 also stopped working, reinstalled it, but agai
  11. Copying mozilla's profiles is obviously not that hard, but there's a lot of info on various programs that's stored in the registry, in the application data, ProgramData and such folders. Good news is that I saw another guy that just got the same problem yesterday with the same gpu, which I just bought yesterday, which is when I discovered the issue after not using VR for months, so maybe it's just a problem with a current windows update and that gpu, since he says he never had the problem before and maybe I was just unlucky to get the GPU right now when this problem is happening, w
  12. I'm having problems with my VR set which seem to be only fixable with a new Windows install. Up to now every time I got a new Windows install, I completely wiped the C partition, which meant losing all my Internet browser data (and copying what I backed up to a new profile afterwards), losing all my game data like savegames, mods,etc that I kept in the C partition, mainly in My documents, losing all sorts of game related programs like directx, frameworks,etc. and in general making many programs unusable, so because of all this I hate reinstalling Windows and only do it if I get a virus or some
  13. My case (a generic brand one without a manual) has 4 fans which are, If I understood correctly, all connected to a single panel and that panel has a main cable going from it called PWM, except that it is not one cable, but three of them all different and my motherboard only supports 3 pin fans. I read online that you can connect a 4 pin PWM to a 3 pin motherboard, but that it will always run at max RPM or something, which is fine, but how do I even do that? How am I supposed to connect it if I don't know which of the three cables I need? The big one has an arrow on it for the + side I guess, b