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  1. How should I changed the voltage after turning off XMP, as the RAM won't need as much as much power.
  2. XMP is the overclocking of memory, correct? I did also run Memtest, but I will lower the speeds
  3. Out of nowhere, my pc just started freezing/ turning off in the middle of any game I tried to play. It soon started to happen minutes after I boot. I purchased a new psu, as I had assumed the unit was overheating and shutting down in turn. The pc keeps freezing soon after boot up, tried to download new display drivers, but it was to no avail. This is a recently built system with ryzen 7 2700x, rx580, 16gb corsair vengeance, evga b3 550, hp omen 25"
  4. Lmap, driver downloaded and the card instantly crashes, trying to get a refund now.
  5. It has been running fine, I am going to install the previous driver and see if it works
  6. My friends have some I can use, and I am going to try to reinstall tomorrow
  7. Ryzen 7 2700x 2x8 gskill aegis 3000mHz Asus rog b450f Corsair cx650 bronze
  8. It would not allow me to boot into Windows because I had tried to do a system reset. I am currently on the advanced options troubleshoot screen after 3 failed boots
  9. nmy 2indows didn't download all the way so I couldnt open safe mode
  10. Card keeps crashing before I can boot into safe mode
  11. Thank for your input, I will tell you if it is successful
  12. Just built my pc today, got everything working and booted. Was installing new gpu drivers (980ti) and my conputer froze and crash. Now whenever I boot up, it works for about 30 seconds, then the screen starts to pixelate and change colors. I need help trying to figure out what is wrong with my build, I think its the gpu because its the only thing that was not bought new. PLZ help me
  13. My friends HIGHLY recommended the Asus ROG motherboard. I didn't have a problem because it has rgb. I also didn't want a Radeon gpu because I haven't had much luck with their graphics hardware, but I do love their software for it.
  14. if anything had been wrong I was asking for someone to point it out. I wasn't fully sure on all of my purchases.