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    I5 6500
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    16GB ddr4 hyperX
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    RX480 G1 Gaming
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    IN WIN 901
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    2x4TB Raid1 + 256GB sata m.2
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    Be Quiet 450W
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    LG ultrawide 3440x1440 freesync
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    Logitech g502
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    Windblows pen x64

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a new dock, right now I am using a Dell D6000 that is hot garbage with Linux and it's "Display Link" driver that's eating CPU like a bitcoin miner. (On Pop_OS at least) So I am looking for feedback about your docks that works on Linux fine. Small thing, I don't have thunderbolt on the PC, so if you have a recommendation, maybe not thunderbolt is needed to reduce the price. So yeah, I'm here to hear about your docks and how you live with them on a Linux distro
  2. This attack needs : frequency scaling and turbo boost off... it's a poor attack with pretty weak bases considering most of HT intel SKUs come with those enabled. In case you want to run the code : https://github.com/bbbrumley/portsmash Also, as a guess, due to the "small bits of exfiltrated data at a time" nature of the attack, cryptography with Perfect Forward Secrecy (industry standard nowadays) might remain pretty unaffected.
  3. Why the hell is there an OS and is it not given as an option... the price goes up at least 50 bucks due to this wincrap... damn I just want a powerful linux box yet there is always that OS bundle...
  4. RNGeesus please make it explode and make Intel and partner allow this officially, changing socket for every Intel engineer's brain-farts has always been a pain in the rear!
  5. Aouch, if I ever plan on using those chips, I better have some shares in a few solar power plants because damn those are thirsty. Also, they now get without pretty much any doubt the "heater" status that amd had a few years back. Though, if the workload or programm used can use the insane SSSE3 and AVX512 (maybe SSE4 too?) IS then the performance would be quite good for the power consumption... if not, those cpus would be too much of a bother to buy and run...
  6. Hello chaps ! Recently, the Blender foundation announced a feature parity between CUDA and OpenCL on their software Blender for the version 2.79. I am testing the rendering results of said version for a free and collaborative render-farm named sheepit. (BTW really cool site, check it out) The concept is simple : render frames for others, earn points doing so, points are used when other people render frames for you. The more points you have, the higher priority your project is when placed in the rendering queue. Right now, only the CPU and CUDA rendering are validated
  7. Yup did not look at ARK quite thorougly... and my 235 euros deal is gone.. 285 is now the least I can find ... but I'm curious, can a FCLGA1150 cpu get in a "simple" LGA1150 mobo?
  8. well, for that price I could certainly get a decent Haswell I5 so I don't know... but thanks that's now on my list of possibilities!
  9. See, here is the perfect example of why I'm only willing to talk about performance, in france, the best offer I can find for this CPU model is 235€, not really in the 150$ range
  10. You're certainly right, but my issue is not to wait or not, I'll wait for the good ime windows, but what to choose exactly...
  11. Like I said, the price is not what I'm focusing on, I'll invest what I need, maybe a grade higher just in case, but the performance aspect of the bottlenecking is the most important
  12. Hello guys ! Alright, I got a little bit of cash, It's time I put my time with the crappy Nvidia mobile GPUS and MSI crappy service behind me. I got on the french craigslist an In Win 901(beautiful case) but the internal components are still left out in planning except one, the gpu. I want to do a RX480 build, my only unknown in the equation is what cpu would be decent enough to not bottleneck that card without breaking the bank? I live in the EU, so because the scrapyard market is quite something else here I'm only looking for "decent enough and up" in terms
  13. You don't, you accept that either the police has way too much power or you accept that some people that journalists are investigating can do bad things. they can't coexist... well except for for white collar banditism that's protected by business laws etc...
  14. Could you please source documents for this? You see, when I accuse Apple of not giving two shits about what happens in china with overworking people in their subcontractors, I can source this : https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/jan/25/apple-child-labour-supply, When you have a claim of someone being fraudulent, you might want to add a source to your claims.
  15. I'm seriously raising eyebrows on this, I did not back the campaign, but they are adopting the same iterative designe process that Frontier has succesfully had for Elite Dangerous. A few parts of the game are already in the hands of the public and will release when ready... doesn't make the point of not overworking your staff to rush a release any less valid.