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  1. I would absolutely love to run an Ethernet cable however the two rooms are literally the opposite side of the house. I would probably be looking at like a 75m plus cable haha! The thought of actually running cables in the walls has occurred to me but I know how expensive that can be. I have been recommended a home mesh Wifi system but as I'm not really familiar with I'm currently researching into it, my only concern is that 200mb will be carried to my office
  2. So after a month of waiting I finally got my Fibre connected in my new home! I've moved out of my flat where the wi-fi and connection was perfect (with an outage now and again). The wi-fi router provided by virgin media worked really well and would easily achieve the 200mbps advertised and I actually received 220mbps over the wi-fi connection. This coverage was enjoyed throughout the entire flat. Moving forward into my new home where the fibre point is in the living room, when testing the speeds, again I get the 220mbps download speed. I can also get the speed to be