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  1. I have cooler master masterliquid 240
  2. I have cruical 3000mhz. Vsync is off
  3. Ye i get respectable fps on other games. Even on MW multiplayer i get around 150-230 fps depending on the map
  4. Ive tried ddu many times. I used to get worse fps without the cpu overclock
  5. So I'm getting around 60-80fps on Warzone (sometimes drops to mid 50s) with my Rx 5700xt with a r7 2700 4ghz. I've seen some videos on YouTube where people with this kind of setup getting around 120-150fps what is wrong with my system. ram is at 3000mhz, CPU 4ghz 50C (water cooled), GPU tops 60C. CPU usage is around 80% when gaming, GPU around 95% while gaming. I don't see a problem with my system maybe you do (HELP ME). I tried to play on 4k just to push my pc to the limit on Warzone and i was also getting around 60-90fps all around the map. Even laying 1080p on Ultra or Low i still get the s
  6. I checked the events and theres no error given by the cod4 game and i have a liquid cooler for the cpu so it never goes up beyond 50c at max (i mean even with newer titles), gpu hovers around 60 to 67 (also on newer titles) i say that cause cod4 is a 12years old game and dosnt take much power to run and the temps are usully very very low 40c on cpu and 50-60c gpu
  7. Its a new psu which i bought a year ago a corsair vs550 and 550w is enough for the specs i have so theres no power limit cause i play newer games but never crashes my pc even the cod4 single player dosnt crash its only multiplayer
  8. Hi people im a old school player that love to play cod4 on pc but im having a problem that my pc restart after some minuts of gameplay without any warning or anything, no bluescreen it just turns to motherboard logo and logs into windows again and this restart only happens with cod4 and not with any other games newer Pc specs: R5 1600 Gtx 970 Asrock b450 pro4 Corsair vs550 16gb 2666mhz crucial ram Everything is on stock Tried to reinstall the game many times and reinstalled windows 10 too, but it didnt help
  9. raswer4

    help me

    you are right but i dont think that apex legends or rainbow six siege is that gpu demanding
  10. raswer4

    help me

    but apex legends should works on 2gb vram on lowest settings
  11. raswer4

    help me

    my brother plays cs go on it and apparently it works fine there but when he play apex legends even on lowest settings it crashes after 1 or 2mins, gta v kinda works fine it crashes after 30mins, rainbow six siege crashes after 15mins,dead rising 3 works fine with no crashes, just cause 4 on the lowest setting. i dont think its a Vram shortage because he have rivatuner on and see that it dosnt use up too much Vram because he plays on the lowest setting.
  12. raswer4

    help me

    ye i know i tried to push in with good margin of force just to be sure but no luck with it
  13. raswer4

    help me

    i tried it too but it didnt work. the gt 1030 works fine in my old system
  14. raswer4

    help me

    but the thing is i dont want want the gt 1030 in my system cause i want the gtx 970 and the gt 1030 is my brother and we just want a fix until we get some money to buy 2 new rtx 2070s