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  1. I'm wondering if there are any Croatians on here who may be selling their stuff, after some time fooling myself I decided I'll be upgrading my existing rig instead of buying a whole new one. My current PC is Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5400 2.7 GHz, Pegatron 2A94h MBO, 4 gigs of ram, 500 gig drive, I can't tell you my GPU because there doesn't seem to be one.. Anyway, if there are any here, let me know, I'll mostly be looking for a MBO, CPU and GPU for now. If there's anyone outside Croatia willing to ship it, that would also be great.
  2. Ooo, pa lip posal, triba potrčko za neku ok plaću?
  3. Ma znan da si hrvat, može županija, grad? Haha I je, al ti sad moš nać posal da nije samo 3000 kuna za smjene od 12 uri!
  4. A, lako vama fakultetlijama, ja 3 godine srednje, haha, odakle si?
  5. Ooo, kako ide kolega gamer i obožavatelj kompjutera?
  6. "Anyway, are there any Croatians, Serbs, Bosnians, Hercegovinians, could be Montenegrin too, I guess. I'm just interested if there are any that would like to talk, screw around etc." (Montenegrin are stereotyped as unnaturally lazy)
  7. Hahahaha, that is not at all right! I could provide translation for the above text if you want
  8. I was thinking, we balkanians should talk on here, if there are even more than a few of us, haha The rest shall seem gibberish to you, but it is Croatian, so, it's just a bit more sophisticated Inače, ima li ovde šta hrvata, srba, bosanaca, hercegovaca, a može i crnogoraca Mene samo zanima ima li šta da bi tili pričat, zajebavat se itd.
  9. I'm from Croatia But is it a good idea to get used PC components, especially a GPU?
  10. Well, things are expensive here for example the i5 6500 is the equivalent of 262 USD About 1000$ at most, and even that is pretty expensive for me, maybe a bit less if possible, but I'm not sure about buying parts on sites like Amazon
  11. (I'm aware others may have posted the same thing before but Is like to talk about my version of it) I've been wondering lately, for my purposes, is it better to build something basic, like, weaker or older gpu, gpu and not as much ram, cheap case etc. It'd be for the purposes of gaming, possibly recording and editing as well as things like youtube, anime streaming and general browsing. On the other hand, I'd like to build a more costly mid range-high end pc, around 1000$, things like an i5, rx 460 or better, ssd, more ram, better case, quality psu, probably would use a go
  12. After my last mouse broke, we bought this one (family PC) and it was about 5$, it's already starting to break, and I've had it for a few months now, the click started to not respond sometimes after about a week, getting this mouse would help a lot, especially since I just started playing Half-Life 2 and could use a good mouse, from what I've heard, it's pretty good
  13. In my opinion, you should have Luke do games, Linus do toys and do some videos together, like, multiplayer games, gun toys, board games and so on, understand? It's the best of both worlds
  14. Link to my twitter post with the link to my comment: https://twitter.com/lidge1994/status/389900671312338944