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  1. if your getting a constant clicking noise far or close up. that not good.
  2. if price hit a certain amount. i will get into it.
  3. try each ram stick by itself. also check each slot to. so if a working ram stick. put that on each ram slot test and do same thing over again,
  4. ah. yeah i know issue with pipes and windows in texas burst etc.
  5. your right. end of the day. i see way to many people only use 1 source for research.
  6. so am not sure on this. so in lan room he said was a window. is that even the the ground? i could not tell in video. i would triple check to seal that thing. and also see where the water running off. seeing also if it freezes.(i dont know if it freezes at said house). but any window near ground lvl always need to be triple check. leaks etc.
  7. or if its from gamer nexus.... must be true... btw steve said multi times do your own research. i added last part due to his fan boys attack anyone that questions him....
  8. end if the day. if the result a margin error so low. that it not going against margin of error. why would it need to be repeated. linus was very clear with ram and software. that it highly depended on what you running. multi other sources have also mention this. or another way to put it is. ever cpu/ram/gpu tends to run slight different due to how manf is done.
  9. nope. OG was not a add on. it was usa market they took it out. other then that. it was the first console to have a built in hdd.
  10. the xbox (og) was not the first console to have a hdd. that would be ps2.
  11. that it have a power plug or does it draw power from mobo?
  12. where could i look up to buy the case itself?
  13. he finale said it. gpu simple cant do native anymore with out upscaling it. due to size,cost,heat.
  14. check target at 4am to 7 am... score one last night at around 6 am . 1 store got stock... out of 20 within 100 miles of me.
  15. oh for blank sakes sony... well this will get talk about on wan show next week...
  16. so it wont support 1950x... due to tmp bs..... seems when using the tool to see if you erady for win 11 cpu oddly and tmp issue.
  17. no one catch the image of linus wearing shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. oh yeah. but you got to admit its dam impressive. none the less where we come in 20 years of psu