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  1. You issue occurs on both bios and OS. this rules out harddrive and and OS firmware (or you have more then one issue). Based on where you are now... is the below correct: You have a harddrive that doesnt see OS. but is shown in Bios. You cant repair but have not tried to rebuild it. You go into Bios but the GUI goes black. ........ I would first see if the graphic output issue effects when in OS to see if it could be a GPU issue, I also assume you have data you desperately want and hence not tried a fresh install. 1. Get a win 10 install media , you can down load
  2. Is it the TS659-pro you need?. is so see link below? https://www.qnap.com/en-uk/download?model=ts-659 pro%2B&category=firmware note there is a 659 pro, 659 pro ii and a 659 pro + each likely to have different drivers. i guessed the URLs last time based on their naming conventions but ive tried a few different guesses and all now say not found or forbidden. I suspect they tidied their backend naming to stop this kinda thing. There is hope however... this active forum guy says their helpdesk might help... log them a ticket n see? https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.
  3. Right you are the OP clearly does not have 10GB NIC card or they wouldnt be looking at the card suggested. On a budget of £30 i dont see Fibre working from Ebay, most cards im seeing are going at £30 each + and fibre connectors cost abit. IMO 2nd hand market in UK is not as vibrant as some countries as business sellers must certify their goods for a year even if selling on ebay ect. Many businesses therefore sell to distro who sell the kit abroad. ive removed my comment as it would not come in budget but i have no other suggestions sorry
  4. So side comment, FYI that you are most likely fully aware of. The 2060 does not run NVlink or SLI therefore the benifit of two GPUs is only found in some work loads / scenarios So general sensus seems to be an additional 2060 is between 175wats and 200watts but Nvidea say 160w https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/graphics-cards/rtx-2060/ you can use link below to see how much you other components require. https://pcpartpicker.com/ it will give you a good idea then just add 160/200 to the total for the 2nd GPU. Ive found a search for many running SLI 2070 which use a
  5. i see you now have managed to get on the OS... Therefore this is not relevant ... best of luck seem your on the right track
  6. I would suggest booting into Bios. Dos the screen do any flashing or weid stuff on Bios... If yes , maybe hardware (bad times) If you plug in a windows recovery USB and boot to advance > CMD> run notepad.exe. Go open and See if your files are visible. They are likely in a drive not named what you expect as this is Bios naming of drives, so maybe named X or 0. In file explorer you can now copy your highly critical documents from their location to the usb drive your using for windows recovery , dont take everything, just irreplaceable photos or assignments
  7. Which country are you based in? Supplier and options will vary geographically If you just need a win10 rig, i suggest you talk to local offices. In my local town any given month a office or 2 get rid of a few machines. They are no good for anything except web browsing and basic word processing but if your polite to IT managers they are free.
  8. The short answer is "only if your lucky" it can be done , but more as a i find trying fun situation then a this is going to save me money.
  9. Soft dev is not my area of expertise but i would query the following: What is the nature of the the network connection? Do you wish to make queries to a database? Like a quiz or a match making system? If so SQL manager i think is the most widely used software and there lots of resources out there about how to make queries to an SQL ect I use Visio for making network diagrames, work flows and step by step guides and ive been involved in work where its been used for project management. Sadly its not included in most standard O365 subscription making it abit of a premium.
  10. I found the after burner software very poor. My MSI has treated me well but their fan hardware and software is shocking. If it ramps to 100% then this might be a known bug : https://www.overclockers.co.uk/forums/threads/msi-afterburner-fan-speed-100.18868093/ Maybe try updating the drivers. They release a "fan fix" for a number of products not sure if it included their GPUs https://www.msi.com/support/download/
  11. My understanding of a short from a USB port would be that it would work in a similar way to a deliberate oversurge. (You can by USB called PC killers) I understand that when these surge a machine they literally melt the wires on motherboard. Your machine booting and presumably the ports still working suggests that the short was not enough to cause the above on the motherboard. Your graphics card has capacitors in to even out the surge of energy that naturally occurs from you PSU. You would hope this will have protected your GPU (however the recent 3080 scandal where capacitor were no
  12. OP in answer to your original question you might be fine with doing nothing. IMO you would be best to download the x570 driver set from AMD directly https://www.amd.com/en/support/chipsets/amd-socket-am4/x570 Needless to say if you have a working machine then back it up prior to major changes like a MB driver update.
  13. this may not be very helpful but remember when it comes to power if you pick a bad one you could fry your project. its a hard decision, buy one or do it yourself: https://www.instructables.com/id/Molex-SATA-floppy-external-power-supply/ Im no leccy so can't talk for the reliabilty but make sure you have surge protection, if not after the adapter, then before. .......................... If your trying to make a truly portable device i'd say check out the chip in this video to uterlise a power bank as a battery:
  14. I really would follow the steps above. its likely ram or a power cable not plugged in, have you plugged both the 6 and 24 pin in: See attached pic. If no luck refer to the manual https://download.gigabyte.com/FileList/Manual/mb_manual_x570-aorus-elite-wifi_e.pdf Page 5 you have a diagram of all the slots, check each one one at a time. But just a note your CPU and MB seems compatiable from release bios so can't be that https://www.gigabyte.com/uk/Motherboard/X570-AORUS-ELITE-rev-10/support#support-cpu