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    R7 3800x
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    B550M Asus Tuf
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    2x16gb 3600 Tforce vulcan
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    RX 5700xt Red devil
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    Lian li 011 mini
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    1Tb wd blue m.2 and 1tb wd hdd
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    650w 80+ gold Fractal design sfx-l
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    Windows 10 Home
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  1. It does work on other devices. As far as I can tell its a windows problem or mabey an amd usb problem? It will work if I mess around alot but then eventually breaks again.... Ill try it on another device for longer soon
  2. I don't know why but my modmic no longer shows up in windows. Has anyone had this problem and fixed it? I have a modmic usb.
  3. It should look something like this
  4. I want to use a gts 240 in my server but it needs a 6pin Pcie connector. My psu does not have one though. Only a cpu 8 pin, molex, and two floppy connectors are not in use. Is there anyway I could power it?
  5. Well if I were you I would mount it to the top of the case but yeah that looks fine
  6. Hey I need some help. Just set up a server and wanted to use an old NVS 450 it will display in windows but it acts like it's an extended monitor and not the main so the onboard gpu is running the "primary display" any help?
  7. I'm assuming he wants to clean them but yeah that's likely not going to work...
  8. Recently found A R9 295 X2 for sale for just under 200 cad (after shipping) Person says it has random pixel issues im guessing like over clocking "snow" like artifacts. So the question is does anyone think its worth it?
  9. Hey does anyone have, or know where to get a HD 7970 unlocked bios? I had fun overclocking my new old Direct II CU but its limited by the bios otherwise the temps should let it go higher than the Core 1125 and 1575 mem. Hope someone has a unlocked bios. I have tried flashing it to a higher end 7970 but I get a sort of limp mode in windows that refuses to do direct gpu tasks.
  10. I was repasting a toshiba tecra m10 and during disassembly i found an extra msata slot and was wondering if it was for storage. Hope someone can help!
  11. I recently found an old game I wold like to get (endi tank battle hd) the issue is that it is missing from the app store. Is there a website full of ios game files or somwhere I could downoad it from? Id like it on my android device but I cold live with an emulator on pc or bootloading it onto an ipod4. Hope someone can help!
  12. Holy shit I found it! it was called ENDI Tank battle thank you so much! now to try and download it on an Ipad 1 lol
  13. only use the main graphics settings menu the Advanced menu has a lot of extra features that dont really change the game but love to eat frames.
  14. Depending on the PSU A low profile 1050 ti or 1050 could be your ticket without much bottleneck. A 750 Ti LP would also do the trick. The psu depending on power would likely need to be 250 Watt or 300 on the low end.