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  1. So can I use the VGA and HDMI outputs at the same time? Or is that hardware dependent? They are not dedicated GPU, older towers with 4th gen i5s.
  2. Technical question here: I am trying to see if I can view 2 pcs secondary output on a separate monitor at the same time. The PCs will still have their primary displays, so this will be a secondary output for each. I looked at KVMs but those only switch between the primary output from PC and dont need input control. Having both on same screen would be ideal like in a split screen but switching between the two would be fine. The PCs are desktops with HDMI and VGA out. Im thinking an HDMI splitter from each pc into a switch or similar, or maybe use the VGA out for primary displ
  3. I have a few years of Google Photos backed up and no real way for an offline or duplicate back up. Are there any solutions for an offline backup? I know there is an export function to download your data, but looking for a more mainstream option to sync to my pc or external drive? edit: tried the backup and sync app, does not let you download photos just upload to Photos
  4. Thanks did you have any issues with current OS?
  5. Ill do that, since it seems I need Mac specific hard drives, which one should I get? I have Crucial 2.5 ssds Looks like I may have issues with current OS on this old machine from this article https://www.imore.com/upgrading-gpu-your-old-mac-pro-it-worth-it
  6. I have enough Windows machines wanted to try out Mac OS as this tower was originally intended for. Where do I get Mac OS from? For windows I would just buy a retail version of windows. I see a bunch of update downloads from the apple website https://support.apple.com/downloads/macos but need to do a fresh install. Can someone direct me on which graphics card and drive to get? I will get a boot SSD for now and figure out other drives later.
  7. I have an old Mac Pro tower. This is an 8 core system with 2 Xeon processors and the system is from around 2008. I am looking for some info and tips on what I can do with it. It has no drives and will need to do a fresh OS install. Has 32 gb ram and an ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256mb graphics card from the era. What is the most current graphics card I can put in this system? I have an ssd and spinning drives I can use on it, but will need to get the OS installed. I am well familiar with Windows installs but never done MacOS from scratch.
  8. An old thread, but finally decided on the X1 Extreme with the following build. So far its been working great.
  9. I did a search and did not quite get the answer. I wanted to know what was the last macbook pro model to include an SD card reader? Thanks
  10. Can the RGB lights on the GS65 be turned off?
  11. Under $3k range. Mainly light and thin for travel. Decent batter life
  12. Currenly with a 15 inch macbook pro touch bar model. I was also looking at the new Asus Zenbook Pro.