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  1. Alright so the solution was by downloading the latest SDK platform tools then using Windows Command Prompt from inside tools folder to execute ADB commands in order for me to delete the package that was responsible of sucking my bandwidth I had to enable developer options from phone settings and then enable USB debugging before plugging the phone into my PC. I used these commands: 1- adb shell 2- pm uninstall --user 0 com.miui.analytics That's all and the problem was solved.
  2. So you are saying that the ADSL modem/Router have nothing to do with ping stability and you claim that there is no way to make ping more stable Right? Because If you mean by better ping "lower ping" I don't mean lower ping by stable ping. That is completely a different thing
  3. my only 1 available ISP and it is overloaded by customers so during the night when more people go online and overload the only 1 ISP in the whole country! my ping in online games starts to be a lot variable which is making my experience much worse than those who play with high ping because when you get varied pings, the game server starts to fail processing things properly and everything would seem messed up. for example in apex legends my ping starts to vary crazily between 90-125 ms while shooting and then will spike to 175 then get back to that range. what I am saying is that this range its
  4. I fixed things. Thx for info. I couldn't make a solid contact between the positive from the battery and the old dead battery PCB. In the end I could only use better and more tape so it is working now. I had to cut the plastic crazily from inside in order to be able to insert the battery that was painful, but amuzing :p.
  5. Alright so I had a problem with my JPL Flip 4 portable speakers (dead battery) so I thought I could replace it, but unfortunately I was unable to get another battery anywhere in my location. I had an old and almost unused Samsung Galaxy S5 battery pack from samsung (an original battery with a charging package). I took out the Samsung S5 battery and then attached it's positive and negative output to the speakers dead battery PCB that can be hooked to the speaker board. What I noticed is that things are not quite right. The battery charge fast to 80% then take
  6. Fk these countries. that's what we get when we cheap on things
  7. I tried to get rid of that spy thing, but I only have 8 possible firewall rules to block IPs or ports or both whatever. Anyway, the problem is that the destination is on port 443 which is used for pretty much everything so I can't make a port based blocking and whenever I block an IP the phone tracking apps seems to use another one so no luck in doing that. I was able to detect that alibaba thing in Singapore is what collects these data on TCP protocol, but anyway I will have to uninstall device apps to stop this
  8. And then filter out that destination. Thank you for the tip I will try and report if I could do that in the first place
  9. Nope, but I read it now. That could solve part of the issue, but the phone being able to dodge my QOS settings is itself the major issue here because if it does not do that then no matter how much that shit keep uploading there would be no problem
  10. The issue is very annoying. The device is sending analystics data to Xiaomi 24/7 using all my upload bandwidth without me being able to prevent it in anyway. However it looks like only upload rules are being bypassed by the phone not the download rules. All other devices in my home are not doing the same thing. The problem is that.... it is my wife phone and she will kick my ass if I stoped it from reaching the Internet. Life learnt me that to NEVER miss with your god or your wife. Even in that damn device settings there is no way to limit that system app access to the
  11. Sry, I was just trying to get more info using mean way of talk . it is effective usually
  12. I like how are you dedicated to convince me. Thank you. I think I have better idea now so the best way to get a good audio positioning is just to use a good headphone not necessarily gaming related + a good DAC/amp in stereo mode which would outperform all the crap I tried no matter the realtek chip ALC1220 codecs or the 13 years old one, right? do you have any recommendations about a headphone + DAC/Amp in your mind?
  13. You are talking like the sound depth is going to tell where it comes from. sounds hilarious.
  14. I found this btw. It confirms everything I experienced. It is all about having a good headset and proper software unlike above claims about hardware stuff (headset is not the one that convert the stereo to surround with it's built in chip as claimed above) and it says that best results was with Dolby Atmos just like I noticed, but as I experienced it was barely any better than stereo sound and does not deserve the extra 15$ for that, but Actually I may consider that and pay for it.
  15. I have been messing up with audio all the day trying different sound systems. Windows sonic 7.1 virtual thing have always made sound annoyingly crisp to my ears and also messed up with low frequencies. However the sound issue in Apex Legends is all about bugs in the game itself. Dev messed up a lot over time. What I found after trying every shit today from sound cards to different headsets to weird 7.1 virtual stuff from razer , dolby... Whatever. Nothing actually made any difference!. I can say that only dolby atmos fairly different audio quality than stereo. Thank you and the other