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  1. I think that made things clear. I was not aware of USB4 requirement, thx for info
  2. Ok so I have been trying to pass that strange power limit without success from a day and I am totally lost The dGPU is meant to run at least at 15 W or 25 W depending on notebook manufacturer choices. at 6 watts performance is terrible consuming as much as iGPU power while delivering worse performance. I mean the MX 350 is a capable GPU. I tried maximum power settings on Nvidia control panel. Tried to edit power limits which stayed greyed out with MSI afterburner with unlocked settings through cfg files. Tried on AC power / Battery power and got the same results.
  3. I think it is all about marketing greed. Thunderbolt have always been for "some" high end laptops only. Just because Intel give us a great built in feature does not mean manufacturers will make it available for us.
  4. The 2 LEDs on the right are power on and storage. The icon near the USB C port looks like USB icon?! and there is an HDMI port beside it so this means no thunderbolt support, right?
  5. It is weird not to include that..... I mean almost every laptop has a type C port, why don't they just make it right and support thunderbolt through it... Anyway,. is there anyway I can know if my laptop type C port support thunderbolt? Through device manager or something
  6. Does any laptop with USB Type C port and 11th gen intel CPU support eGPU through it?
  7. For those who owns or tried the card: What is the minimum and maximum power target (limit) you can set?
  8. what would happen if i opened the port to the world? someone may break into my PC? I already have a strong password. or maybe if a lot of people opened that port things would go crazy with the service for all users in general?
  9. I have 2 problems for now: The wireless router currently uses a private WAN IP address. This router may be in the multiple-NAT environment and DDNS service cannot work in this environment.
  10. my router already offer multiple server to choose from. i will see what works best in my location. thank you
  11. that is through my router settings right?
  12. how can I access my PC in my home through my phone while I am away at work (not on the same network). I want RD because I am sure it will offer best experience with least data usage.
  13. I have seen the option once with ASUS H310M-D motherboard to choose DRAM frequency the way I want, but raising that above 2400 on the installed locked I3 processor caused boot failure because that CPU is looked 100% the CPU, but since the option to choose the frequency there, it may mean it would work with unlocked CPUs so I am searching for someone's experience in this field. However I don't think that policy would ever change
  14. Did anyone try to overclock DDR4 memory beyond 2666 with any unlocked 8th or 9th gen intel CPU with a potato mobo like H310M from Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI or whatever. I am curious if that is possible