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  • Birthday Apr 15, 2001

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    Loves gaming loves computers
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    Fixing Computers


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    Intel Core I3 3240 3.40GHz
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    Stock Dell Mobo MicroAtx
  • RAM
    8gb 1333MHz DDR3
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    GT 1030 GDDR5 OC
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    OEM Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF Case MicroATX
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    120 gb ssd 320gb hard drive 250 gb hard drive
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    240W PSU 24Pin
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    P2213 1680X1050 21Inch
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    Stock Dell Cooling Cooler
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    OON Keyboard
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I am not getting this to game i already have a pc that can game
  2. I only want the white unibody ones cause i don't need anything powerfull i just need it for garge band imovie and youtube
  3. I Don't need a new one and they can run the latest version using a patch
  4. so i am thinking of getting a older macbook for school and video/music editing 2009-2010 macbooks do you think it is worth it 100-200$ specs Late 2009 2.26 Ghz core 2 duo 1-8 gb of ram 9400m 256 MB MID 2010 specs 2.4 GHz 1-16gb of ram 320m 256MB
  5. I am getting a older macbook next month XD
  6. it doesn't do it on windows 7. its most likely a 10 issue
  7. i got it off Ebay if this is dying then ill wait and see
  8. but it doesn't happen after you re-install windows they stay untill you re-install i have found it doesn't do this drive glitch with windows 7 though
  9. i do have 2 splitters for the sata power as this can only support 2 hard drives i got a spitter so i could have 3
  10. i have the bios set to boot from my ssd first and if there isnt go for the second drives and if that doesn't work go to the usb's i have files that i use daily i suppose i could just move them over to my second drive
  11. and if it is the motherboard shes been holding on to dear life for the past few months then jeez
  12. literally just got this one 3 months ago as a replacement