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  1. Well, here's the issue. Basiclly i'm trying to get my Omen HP Laptop to Wake on Lan. I've tried folowing this article by HP, and using several android apps that claim to work with Wake on Lan, but got nowhere. I've also tried folowing some youtube tutorials, but no change. My computer just wants to "sleep" a lot, either from suspension or totally off. I tried also using an ethernet cable and wireless. Also I've looked at the BIOS for anything regarding WoL, and found nothing. (Side note: Isn't HP BIOS a little too lacking and old fashioned?) Can someone help me?
  2. It is plugged into a USB 3.1 port I have 2 other USB 3.1 ports, but if I connect there, the HDMI cant reach the only port
  3. So I bought one of Acer's WMR headset recently, and it is all working fine except for the fact that I cant figure out how to use my headphones along with it. I plugged it, but sound still comes out on PCI've tried changing the settings on MR home and still the same From what I've gathered it shoud appear as a HDMI sound ouput... That doesn't even appear on my windws sound settings. I need help, I have been searching for week without success All available windows sound options are: normal computer speakers steam streaming microphone