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  1. I cant tell, the system wont boot into BIOS. The seller here in Australia flashed it before shipping
  2. BIOS has been flashed.
  3. Hey guys, parts in question - Ryzen 3200g, MSI B450i Gaming Mobo, 16gb HyperX Ram, Noctua L9i Cooler (all black), InWin Chopin case, WD 500gb M.2. I have put it all together properly, had the cpu and mobo tested separately, as well as swapped the ram around all the different ways. No luck. The system powers on and then stays with the CPU Led on. Have seated and reseated numerous times. Out of ideas. Send help
  4. Hi guys, Bought myself the titled board and cpu, the distributor offered a BIOS update service that I paid for, but the CPU light on the motherboard is on when I boot. I am getting no picture on my monitor and the CPU led on the mobo stays solid. I have tried reseating the cpu (including checking the pins for any bends), as well as making sure everything is plugged in properly, swapping RAM etc. Can anyone offer any advice to get this thing working?
  5. Does anyone know of a 5.25 inch bay that has all the usual front IO on it? Including a power button ideally.
  6. Hey Guys, Skipping the story, does anyone know if an i5-7600 would work in this board?
  7. Samsung for quite a long time has been the go to, reliable brand in SSD's. That much i do know. Also, in Australia we dont get as many brands, so its a bit more of a limited pick
  8. Thanks everyone. Makes a bunch more sense now
  9. When you say primarily gaming, do you intend to do any content creation at all? From what I've seen from Gamers Nexus, Bitwit and all the rest, if all you're planning to do is game, it's better to get a 9700k. I've got one myself and I have 0 complaints.
  10. Hey Guys, I have an Asus Rog Strix Z390-i motherboard and although I've read the specs I don't really understand the difference between the types of M.2 drives. Can someone recommend the best M.2 I can put in my motherboard? Ideally wanting a 1TB from a reliable brand like Samsung And if you care to teach, explain the differences between sata, nvme and the other types?
  11. I just want someone to connect a huge car radiator to a computer.
  12. I have 4x 120mm Be Quiet fans as intake and only my PSU as exhaust in the case I have, (Metallic Gear Neo something something). Letting the fans do whatever they like. Ambient today is about 20 degrees. Im not unhappy with my temps, just curious about them is all.
  13. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what normal idle temps are for a 9700k? Mine is usually mid to high 40's Celcius. For reference, its on a ROG Strix Z390-L motherboard, with a Be Quiet! 240mm AIO
  14. Hey Guys, I have a ROG Strix 2080, which is a 2.7 slot design. Does anyone know if this card will fit in any of the tiny cases like the Dancase's or DA2? There's plenty of SFF cases, but I cant find one I like that'll take a 2.7 slot card
  15. Slightly overclocked, CPU is 50-60 and Gpu is 65-75. Thats in celcius