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  1. I would need to perform this action frequently: Open a specific Windows Explorer folder. Search for multiple files into Windows Explorer textbot with name "Test". Select, Copy those "Test" named file. Go to the "Software1". input text into a textbox, "This", and then select it from the dropdown menu. Then Click on "Button1". Folder box opens. Paste here the "Test" files. Select only all "Test" files and Click on import button. Done. I dont want to
  2. I have several devices: Laptops, Desktops. I really wanted to disable temporal diterig because at a slow motion level, it's hurting my eyes and so brain. I have to make sure I dont use any device which would Flicker (PWM Flickering), because I am really sensitive to the flickering lights, and also there is temporal diterig that trigger me. I really wanted to disable it. Which way to go? It is the same for each GPU vendor?
  3. Hello I wanted to do a daily incremmental backup of files that are on a specific folder, to an external storage. The overall size of the entire folder ts around 40GB and its composed of small, but very important Documents, Pictures and PDF's. I really have fear of crypt and other malicius viruses that will make my file illegible, cripted or damaged, even after copying them to an external storage, so I wanted to take every precaution of this world before copying them into the external storage. 1) Which avaiable setup will make the "incremental backup process" 100% secure that
  4. There is an app called OLED SAVER, and it should make the phone at 100% brightness and then apply a filter to reduce the intesity of it. It really works well, but I would like to know if the device become flicker free after this, or even wit this app, we have less flicker, but not complete flicker free oled display. Since i suffer from PWM Flickering, I only use Flicker Free iPS devices, but I really need a smaller phone, and they only make them with an OLED Display... Do you guys tested with some oscilloscope after the app installation?
  5. Hi my desktop has only one HDMI hole, and another its a DVI! i have two monitors to connect, to display a different image. How would I do it?
  6. I wanted to make the "definitive" usb toolkit stick. Which is right now the best AIO Usb Toolkit, for Win 10, Linux and Macos (if we could group them togheter)? Focused on: - hardware testing (diagnostics) - File System Repair - Malware and others, Removal - Server/Nas maintenance - Security and Privacy - Basic/Necessary software 1click autorun installer (customizable) - Ordinary Maintenance Tools: Ordinary Backups, Checks, etc - Common Utilities: Gparted, Password Removal, etc... - Automated scripts
  7. Hi, My Hardware is Intel NUC8i5BEK, Nvme, 16gb Ram. I would like to install Linux as my main system. I wanted to use Windows and MacOS as Virtual Machines. Which Linux Distro will give me the best performance for this special use I need? I then would use Linux as my main system, instead of the need to have 3 Triple Booted system's, I wanted to have just one system and 2 VM's. Thanks
  8. I have an iPad but yes I need an hackintoshi thing. Staying on the hardware side, what would be an alternative to an Intel NUC? or would be the newer intel nuc10i3 better than the nuc8i5?
  9. Oh that's true. Maybe I should just go with dual boot right now. Do you know any good alternative to the nuc8i5beh right now? More performance for the same price?