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    XAIXER reacted to flibberdipper in Worth upgrading old laptop   
    If the laptop will work fine with just one GPU in it, I'd probably go that route instead. SLI is well and truly dead at this point so a second 980M wouldn't really do a whole hell of a lot.
  2. Funny
    XAIXER reacted to sub68 in Mine Crypto Before It's Too Late! (SPONSORED)   
    I find it funny
    linus: makes LTT varified gamer program to stop GPU mining
    also linus: I am gonna show you how to mine before thing are late
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    XAIXER reacted to Electronics Wizardy in What OS Could I Run on an Old Windows XP Computer?   
    What motherboard and socket does it have? You can probably run windows 7 on it.
    most lightweight distros will work, try debian with lxde, its also probably 32bit only.
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    XAIXER reacted to Jurrunio in Motherboard VRM Tier List v2 (currently AMD only)   
    Credit to:@VegetableStu @GoldenLag @LukeSavenije
    The following list is based on facts, ranked on power delivery and known problems. The list will include boards that support CPU overclocking available at retail from different brands.
    There are still differences in performance among boards of the same tier. As a result, those that barely made it into that tier will be in orange while those that are better than others in the same tier are in blue. Unless specified, boards sharing the same name and chipset in different form factors are ranked the same.
    For advanced users: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Smj5dh97n32wJqm5dkdDcQt8ID7vH52-lKzaaXUUQx8/edit?usp=sharing
    All current draw figures are based on Prime95 small FFT with AVX unless otherwise specified, in other words the worst case scenario.
    Only often recommended sku of CPUs in the same generation and core/thread count configuration is named, others share the same rating.
    Zen scales down frequency and voltage according to EDC (current limit) and TDC (thermal limit) settings of the motherboard so in theory you won’t cook the VRM of any board at stock, you just lose frequency.
    For tier A and above, due to lack of feasible CPUs that allow testing of the boards at higher current ratings, there are some level on guessing in terms of how much more power the VRM can take.
    AM4 (Athlon, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9)
    B550 Speculation: If you cant find the board above, then it should be here. If it's already up there, then ignore what it's placed here
    TR4 (Ryzen Threadripper 1xxx and 2xxx) X399
    sTRX4 (Ryzen Threadripper 3xxx) TRX40 (largely guessing since there's little data)
    Legacy list thread: Those looking to dive into Intel's outdated process node and recycled (for many times) architecture please refer to the old list
  5. Funny
    XAIXER reacted to FakeKGB in Can someone decipher what this guy is saying/offering?   
    Tell him "I will trade for an RTX 3090 FE, RTX 3080 FE, RTX 3070 FE, and RTX 3060 Ti FE.
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    XAIXER reacted to Moonzy in [Patent Discovery] Mobile ad serving platform will pause video ads if you're not watching them.   
    another reason to hate selfie cams other than when i accidentally turn it on and see myself
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    XAIXER reacted to wall03 in In a hurry, double check this for me?   
    yeah. would recommend something like the Meshify C
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    XAIXER reacted to Triboal in Motherboard VRM Tier List v2 (currently AMD only)   
    I still don't understand how the X570 Aorus Master is classified on the same tier as the Phantom Gaming X and Taichi when sources like HardwareUnboxed have shown the Aorus Master to have superior VRM's including reaching higher clocks and cooler VRMs and PCB compared to both the Taichi and Phantom Gaming X - and very similar stats to the C8H.
    This is no criticism, just want to understand that's all.
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    XAIXER reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in I finally finished my Sleeper!   
    I am FINALLY done with my sleeper, Grandma. Not the Best specs, but I'm going AMD soon anyways. This was what she looked like before
    Cable management was terrible.  I Got some spray paint and some zip-ties and painted it and cable managed.
    The case is from a Dell Demention 2400, and it was my great grandparents, hence the name. 
    Cpu: Core i5-7400 4c/4t @3Ghz GPU: XFX Radeon RX480 4GB RAM: 16 GB of XPG Adata 2800MHz clocked at 2400MHz due to motherboard restrictions Motherboard: MSI B250M Bazooka  PSU: Thermaltake 600W 80+ Smart (I know) Storage 128 GB Samgsung 470 SSD (Boot) 1 TB WD Blue HDD (Main game storage) 500GB WD HDD (Old game ISO ripps [yes i own them]) Disc drive: whatever one is in a Dell Vostro 200 There isnt much more to say than that I LOVE how good this looks. This took so much time and effort to get cable managed, as there isn't a back panel. I had to route everything through the second disc drive bay, through the front panel, and floppy bay, just to cable manage, but i like how it looks.
  10. Informative
    XAIXER got a reaction from Orange1 in Sleep or full shut down   
    I usually put my modern computers to sleep, unless I need to install updates; older ones got all the way off!
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    XAIXER got a reaction from TCE1iteVenom in Hi guys can i get some feedback on my planned build   
    Looks pretty good. Starting in Jan, you can update the BIOS on that board for Ryzen 5000 support, so you can always upgrade if needed.
  12. Funny
    XAIXER reacted to dilpickle in Can i use my dead graphics card to get an video output and my other gpu to work   
    Can you use your dead car to drive to work?
  13. Funny
    XAIXER reacted to DailyProcrastinator in How often do you replace the air filter on your CPU?   
    Usually every 420 hours of run time, or 69 days, whichever comes first. 
  14. Funny
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    XAIXER reacted to SansVarnic in A   
    -= Topic Locked for lacking substance for proper discussion =-
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    XAIXER reacted to Grabhanem in Building help   
    The parts you have should be compatible.
    Personally I'd spend less on the motherboard and memory and more on the GPU, but that's up to you.
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    XAIXER got a reaction from Thoffa in New to PC building   
    Looks fine.
  18. Agree
    XAIXER got a reaction from Hackentosher in Thin and Light Laptop for Adobe Suite with Good Battery   
    A Thinkpad with a Ryzen 4000 series CPU should cover everything nicely.
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    XAIXER got a reaction from jaslion in Thin and Light Laptop for Adobe Suite with Good Battery   
    A Thinkpad with a Ryzen 4000 series CPU should cover everything nicely.
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    XAIXER got a reaction from Bateman1950x in Any good tool on windows to get complete system configuration   
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    XAIXER got a reaction from Henry1021 in Want to buy a new laptop, recommendations   
    Something with a Ryzen 4000 CPU; Thinkpads are great.
  22. Agree
    XAIXER reacted to SupaKomputa in 2 GPU for More Monitors   
    Can't you just use 3 monitors with 1 gpu?
    It's not like you gonna race and work at the same time.
    Hypothetically yes, it can be done.
    Is it worth the effort? No.
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    XAIXER got a reaction from Goudvisy in Upgrading old Gaming pc gtx 770   
    What are your current specs?
  24. Agree
    XAIXER got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in Please make suggestions for my build components   
    Looks pretty good. The 5600X will no doubt give you more performance.
  25. Agree
    XAIXER reacted to Fatih19 in What theme do you normally use on your devices.   
    Ban everybody who chose light theme.