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    Nashville, TN
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    Tableau Developer


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7-10700F 2.9 GHz 8-Core Processor
  • Motherboard
    MSI B460M PRO-VDH WIFI Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard
  • RAM
    Crucial Ballistix RGB 80 GB DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory
  • GPU
    MSI GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB GAMING X TRIO
  • Case
    Snow Edition Thermaltake S300 Tempered Glass Edition ATX Mid Tower Case
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    Crucial 2TB P5 NVMe PCIe M.2 Internal SSD
    Western Digital SN550 PCIe M.2 Internal SSD
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    Apevia Prestige 800 W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply
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    HP 27xq 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor
    (2) HP V270 27" 16:9 IPS Monitor
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    ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO CPU Cooler
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    Corsair K68 RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard
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    Logitech G502 HERO Wired Optical Mouse
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    Windows 10 Home Edition
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  1. Already proven vertical mounts are not good or reliable. Also the 3070 has brace lmfao literally right under it. Also it's not remotely sagging whatsoever. It's the way I held the camera at a weird angle.
  2. Yeah I was just using it as reference real quick. You use 3D Guru or what?
  3. ******I'm getting 80-100 with like one or two med-lows everything else is ultra ray tracing. This chart is deceiving, because I think it should be RT min 2060 super not regular 6GB. Look at ultra VRAM vs RT min VRAM. Personally think they need to change it. 1) set your settings to Ray Tracing Medium not High 2) set your DLSS to Performance 3) turn your volumetric fog and cloud to medium you should see at least 10-20 FPS boost. Anything fog / cloud related can really mess with FPS in almost any game. It moved me from 80s to about 100 FPS. Once again im doing 1080 on a 307
  4. Still talking about write speeds correct? Yeah that's why I got the 2TB one when it was on sale for $220 and it was quite faster benchmark wise. Literally +100%. Wasn't about to get a WD Black or Firecuda for over $300-$350. This is why I really only care about the Sustained Write Speeds and Compared to the actualy performance write benchmark. The sustained is exactly what you just said basically. Haha yeah setting up space is annoying though. As far as performance goes though I am using it far beyond just gaming, like SQL / Tableau etc. Transferring large data files. Just used Ste
  5. Well can't say for sure cause you are doing 1440p, but I'm getting around 180 FPS running 1080p with Ray Tracing Ultra. I could go to 1440p on Ultra i'd assume get 140-150s. I actually think it could be your CPU holding you back not the 2080TI... Assuming you are not running some insane Ultra settings. i7 10700F / RTX 3070 / 80 GB 3200 RAM
  6. Regardless it should arrive today so I suppose I can test it out and show the results here
  7. The sustained write speed is drastically higher on the P5 though. So say for example I save the games to my secondary drive the write speed and games runs 100% off that P5 speed correct? Just obviously Steam is different coming from a hard copy or already downloaded file I would be 100% certain it's using the :P5 99% of the time.
  8. Hey, So this might be a dumb question. I am about to have 2 SSD drives. Both are actually good. My main question is say writing games / using them and overall performance should I do which of the following below. My network can handle the fast downloads regarding the speed etc, but of course has some bottlenecking always since it hast to stop and write games. Drive 1: WD SN550 (MFR #WDS250G2B0C) - 800 MB/S write speed. (Has Windows on it) Drive 2 (New): Crucial 2TB P5 NVMe PCIe M.2 Internal SSD (MFR #CT2000P5SSD8) - 1800 MB/S write speed and overall better in ever
  9. Yeah it's an animal so far. Appreciate it. For reference https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server .
  10. 64GB especially on high rendering games, video editing has a massive advantage over 16/32 been proven. Above though I am a Tableau Developer, running SQL etc. I can actually handle running millions of queries and play Cyberpunk at the same time kind of nuts.
  11. I would go Ryzen 7 3700X if you want to save money or , but 100% get the 3070 or 3080. I'm running a 3070 i7 10700F. Only reason was a steal IMO on a prebuilt ready to ship system with 0 3000 series cards that can be bought lol.
  12. Yeah only reason is I got a steal on the RTX 3070 / i7 10700F / MOBO combo. Otherwise I would have gone Z series MOBO. Still could but in all honesty there is zero point I can run ray tracing ultra every setting maxed out and run 52 Celsius and literally no issues whatsoever. It was obviously impossible to buy 3000 series RTX cards alone with a reasonable price got an entire PC for $1400 including those 3 parts and 16GB RAM even though it was supposed to be 8 lol. Anyways I figured $1400 for those 3 parts alone / 800 watt PSU SSDs worth it. Then just migrated the Cyberpower PC to my own case,