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    Gaming, fishing, metal detecting.
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    Commis Chef


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    Ryzen 3 3100
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    Corsair vengeance 16gb 3200mhz
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    Sapphire Pulse Rx 580 8gb
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    Cit Dark Star
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    500gb WD Blue m.2, WD Blue 1TB Hard Drive And a Patriot Burst 240gb
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    Antec NeoEco Zen Gold 80+ 500w
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    Philips 4k 60hz
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    Artic F1 Fans
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    Turtle Beach Impact 100
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    Rog Strix Evolve
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    Windows 10 Unactivated
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    Broken Nitro 5 With a 9830p And RX 550! Decent Runner When I Got It In 2017.
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    Oneplus 6T 128GB + Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G 512GB

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  1. I'll do it for him! I doubt it's more complex than my 600 mod SSE setup...
  2. FiveM, he says! He said he loads his character and then 10 minutes after launching FiveM... It crashes. (Sorry, don't play gta myself! That's why I'm confused!)
  3. Says its every 10-15 minutes and its not the psu or system because I built it and I check everything was functioning correctly! Doesnt happen on other games and tried running furmark and it's fine on that. 10100 Gigabyte RX 570 16gb ram Msi b365 Coolermaster mwe bronze 550w
  4. It did this in a rust cave while switching items and then it seems to be working fine again. Any causes encase it repeats? After the restart radeon said "Resetting wattman settings to default" Temps are being managed because they getting abit hot on rust 76-78c but got them down to 72-74 by opening my front panel and using a high power fan.
  5. Short of ground the io with a big and sketchy system... I don't see how I can do much more for it! Aren't you always gonna have static due to electricity going through the power line in the board and going through the metal io into the metal shield?
  6. Like? It should be grounded from the psu right?
  7. Tied front and back ports and it's the same on multiple headsets but I can minimise it by using discords noise reduction software and turning it down in volume... Would a sound card help? Don't really wanna use a mic because it's bulky and I don't have a big desk or alot of money to work with since I was fired from my bistro.
  8. It's annoying and it almost goes away if I turn my mic to 60% I want to exhaust option on the software side because rma is costly and time consuming for something that might not improve it.... Using realtek but my version is abit meh and trying to find a better version of it! The noise goes away if I use noise cancelling and noise reduction in discord or noise reduction software in realtek but it really hurts the sound quality of my mic. Using. The realtek version. Seen some posts about it on forums from a year ago etc and they had the same issue with no fix. Recording
  9. Im talking about completely depowering it for stuff like tinkering and maintenance. Wanna put some more fans in and that requires me to remove Gpu and rewire everything to reset bios.
  10. What do you mean? It turns it off? My reset is my off button because I don't have a on and off power button.
  11. I have to reset the bios... Like I remove my Gpu and remove the battery then put it in again and reconnect my pc and it posts.
  12. I unplug my pc and it its depowered for long enough for it to stop powering usbs like 4-5 seconds then it requires me to reset the bios with cmos battery to get a post but I get fan spin and led light up.
  13. I just got some creative pebbles and some hyperx alphas... My alphas have sound through the headphones but the mic isn't picking up audio... My speakers are plugged into the USB port and I'm not getting audio from them.